551st Marine Strike Group Airsoftt Team


The 551st MSG "Rackham's Raiders" is a casual play airsoft team
For those members of the chapter that live in Washington state we've formed an airsoft team.
This team is has it's own Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_134336573286691&ap=1
Our is in the development phase right now.
We have a team uniform or uniforms for everyone except cadets.
The hard minimum age limit is 16 except by waiver of the CO, First Sergeant, and Training Officer.
The preferred minimal player age is 18.

We play local to Kingston Washington.

Our team uniform is either black out gear (Black long sleeve shirt and black plants) or CADPAT BDUs.

Theme: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Army_Rangers

Shoulder Patch:
LEFT : http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Combat_Gear_Patches_MSM_Modern_Spartan_Forest.htm
RIGHT: http://www.deserttactical.com/Mil_Spec_Do_No_Harm_Medic_Patch_Spartan_p/msm-dnh-s.htm
Shoudler Tab: http://www.uoarmory.com/Smooth_Operator_p/dj-sop.htm
Cap: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?products_id=30995
Cap Patch: http://www.uoarmory.com/Front_Towards_Enemy_p/dj-front.htm
SHEMAGH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jH_Fn62I-U&feature=fvwrel
http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?products_id=31959 Janitor

The following is our set standards:
All guns must not shoot in excess of 600 fps with .20 gram BBs.

1-300 FPS= No Minimum Engagement Distance

300-450 FPS=20 ft. Minimum Engagement Distance

450-500 FPS=50 ft. Minimum Engagement Distance

500-600 FPS=100 ft. Minimum Engagement Distance

limited to semi auto or bolt-action, all players at this fps must be approved by range officers to have the responsibility necessary to honor Minimum Engagement Distance.

Weapons Loadout Rules

A standard player is allowed one primary and one secondary

For a standard player this means:

one Main Battle Rifle of ANY FPS up 500

one Sub Machine Gun up to 400 FPS


two side arms with less than but up to 350 FPS with no more than 30 rounds per mag

Crew Served Weapons

A heavy weapons gunner is allowed:

one heavy weapon ( machine gun, multi-round grenade launcher, missle laucher, etc)

and one side arm up to 400 FPS

An assistant gunner is allowed:

two Sub Machine Guns up to 400 FPS


one Sub Machine Gun up to 400 FPS


two side arms with less than but up to 350 FPS with no more than 30 rounds per mag

Vehicle RULES

1) Gotta have a training plan for the vehicle operators

2) The operator has to be old enough and sensible enough. No 16 year olds hauling ashes like Mario Andretti over terrain that would eat the vehicle.

3) MAX speed 10 mph. It will cut down on accidents like ambitious infantry man kills ersatz tank coming at him with Nerf Rocket. UNFORTUNATELY, said ersatz tank tries to kill infantry man by rolling over him because the driver of said ersatz tank was going 25mph and couldn't stop in time. Bad stuff resulted.

4) Vehicle MUST be stopped before any mounted weapons can be fired. This is for both the gunner's safety, AND other players. Breaching minimum engagement distances is easy on the back of a vehicle.

Addendum to rule 40 Another reason for the vehicle to be at a FULL stop. IF the gunner has his hands ON the mounted weapon, while it is travelling, HIS safety is suspect. I don't care if he's got all the monkey slings and what have you. Murphy's Law can and does happen. The more things in place to keep the gunner in, the better. Both hands on the oh shit bar is just another safety measure.

5) Drivers of vehicles that are 'open', like the proposed 4 wheeler, MUST have full face protection. This is to keep idjits from hurting the driver and causing him to have an accident.

6) The operator of vehicle mounted weaponry must have full face protection. This is for the safety of the gunner. Some idjits will shoot back with unapproved anti-vehicle weaponry.

7) Only the assigned driver of the vehicle may do so. The driver gets 'hit', he has to take his toys back to the respawn zone. None of the gunner taking over for the driver crap. The driver must stay in the vehicle unless an emergency arises. Pit stops occur at respawn.

8) Approved Anti-vehicular weaponry are Nerf rockets, and water balloons. Nerf rockets may be fired from M203s and other similar devices. IF vehicle is hit with those items, then it is destroyed and must return to spawn. Any passengers inside said vehicle are also ded, and get a free ride back to respawn.

9) The driver and gunners MUST have a good comm system. Preferably one radio on the 'admin' channel, while the other is on team channels. That way, any failures of the vehicle can be reported to the right people.


Any and all injuries resulting from the use of airsoft guns and/or the environment in which battles take place are not the responsibility of <the proprietor>. All injuries are the sole responsibility of the individuals participating.


Disclaimer form which will be available at field:

I hereby acknowledge that any and all injuries resulting from the use of airsoft guns and/or the environment in which battles take place are not the responsibility of <the proprietor>, and that all responsibility for said injuries is mine.

X (signature)

(Rules inspired by Anthony Reeves and 1st Venom)

551st MSG airsoft team members
Additional Field Mandatory Rules

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