A 78a Dragon

A-78A Dragon
Crew: 2
Armor Rating: 7
Force Field Rating: 5
Deflector Shield Rating: 0
Airframe Durability: 7
Agility Factor: 8
Acceleration Factor: 4
Endurance: 7hrs @ std cruise
Sensor Level: 2
Computer Level: 5
Offensive Systems
1 - Mk/5 Beam Phaser w/2 emitters
2 - EMPW-33 Guns with 12090 30mm rounds
Internal Hardpoints:
4 - 500 kg capacity, in two centerline ordnance bays
External Hardpoints: none
Defensive Systems
ECM Capability: 4
Flare Packs: 20
Chaff Packs: 20
Decoys: 5
The Dragon is the newest attack aircraft in the Marine Corps. It was the first aircraft in several decades
to be designed solely for the Close Air Support mission, and as such it has unprecedented low-speed
maneuverability and survivability. Its single-minded design initially led to low production numbers and
limited missions; however, the Dragon has acquitted itself well in interdiction and low-level bombing
missions as well as CAS, and has held its own quite well in limited air-to-air engagements. This has led
the Corps to exercise its contract option to purchase 700 more units, and the A-78 has largely replaced
the aging A-44 Hurricane throughout the Federation.
The Dragon has a low-profile cross section that is very stealthy, and a new technology TVG
(Totally Variable Geometry) wing that can radically alter its shape. In fact, it has no control
surfaces, but rather flexes parts of it wings to accomplish maneuvers. All its ordnance is carried
internally to increase stealth and aerodynamics without relying on power-consuming shields.
The Dragon also has the largest caliber gun and magazine capacity of any aircraft in the

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