Additional Field Mandatory Rules


1.1 Airsoft is a game of HONOR. Please call YOUR OWN hits!

1.2 DO NOT call opposing team players out. Calling opposing players out is poor sportsmanship and your side will be penalized if a game staff member witnesses the event. (One Exception: 3.5.3)

1.3 Players caught attempting to cheat will incur penalty points for their side, and may be ejected from the game and barred from future 1st-Sword events.

1.4 Players who attempt to steal, cause bodily harm, or otherwise break the law will be referred to local law enforcement officers and barred from future 1st-Sword events.

1.5 Subordinate players should observe and respect ranks and the event Chain of Command (NCO's and Officers).

1.6 Ranking players should recognize that MSG 551 events are GAMES. Rank is a tool to provide structure for an enjoyable game. Have fun, and remember you have a responsibility to help your subordinates to have fun as well.

1.7 All guns must be in gun bags or fully covered until you reach the staging area. Do not expose the guns in the parking area or while approaching the field. We ask that you gear up in the staging area this would include putting on harness, holsters, etc. Basically anything that would draw attention to you should be done in the staging area. *Failure to follow this will get you banned from that days event and possibly future events. This is in effect for all of our fields no exceptions we do not want to loose a field due to someones negligence.*

1.8 All loading of magazines must be done in the staging area do not load them in any other area but the staging area.

1.9 Anyone caught firing a weapon outside of the field area will be banned from all 1st-Sword events period no exceptions.

1.2.1 Teams wishing to set up tents or shelters of their own for staging and rally points must get approval fro the 1st-Sword officer in charge of the event prior to the event. This is because some fields have limited space and we also do not want them just setup anywhere to cut down on confusion as to what is the staging area and what isn't.

2.1 Eye protection (5.4) must be worn at all times while in a playing area.

2.2 If a player loses his eye protection or has a medical emergency, he/she should immediately call "Blind Man." Game supervisors will immediately signal a pause in the game until the affected player pronounces "All Clear", at which point supervisors will signal the game to continue. In the absence of game supervisors, nearby players should wave their red rags in the air to indicate a blind man call. Once the affected player pronounces "All Clear", players should return their red rags to their pockets and yell "All Clear."

2.3 NO BLIND FIRING. You must be able to see with your own eyes where your gun is pointed (no using mirrors or devices to shoot around obstacles).

2.4 Knife kills with a rubber knife (such as cold steel) are allowed. A swiping motion, or tap on an opponent's shoulder, is allowed (and is considered a kill?). Stabbing motions with knives are forbidden, as are motions towards the face, throat, or groin of any player on the field.

No other materials knives are made of, such as ABS or wood will be allowed.


2.5.1 If a player is hit ANYWHERE: You’re KIA. Gun and gear hits count.

2.5.2 When KIA by pellet/rocket/grenade/mine, or otherwise wounded/removed from combat, players should immediately do the following:

a. Raise your hand and yell hit, wave your red rag above your head momentarily, and attach it to your head in a SECURE fashion. Expect to be hit multiple times while doing so - in the chaos of combat fellow players rarely have split-second trigger control.

b. Assume a non-combative posture (gun down and on safety) and quickly remove yourself from the area (no waiting).

c. Return to your designated respawn point.

d. Return your red rag to your pocket/pouch once your respawn time is up.

e. Please keep in mind most players cannot hear you. Your raised arm, and red rag is the first and most important sign of being hit.

f. Red ballcaps are not acceptable substitutes for red rags. The red rag rule is intentionally "inconvenient" so players will not forget. If it helps, add a patch of velcro to your red rag.

2.6 "BANG BANG!"

2.6.1 If a player enters a close range situation where firing his weapon could result in unnecessary harm to an opposing player, AND he/she has the target "dead to rights," use the "Bang, Bang!" rule.

2.6.2 "Bang! Bang!" is a safety call ONLY. It is NOT a way of killing someone tactically.

2.6.3 If a player says, "Bang! Bang!" to you, you should honor the call and immediately pull out your red rag. If said player was particularly sneaky, it is appropriate to honor the kill by "quietly dying" to not give away that player's position.

2.6.4 Do not use "Bang Bang!" in a situation where it could be disputed by a fellow player (no frontal assault “Bang Bangs”). If you do not have the target "100% no chance of survival/dead" from the side, or from behind, closer than 20 feet from the opposed player, do not say "Bang! Bang!"


EX 1: You see multiple players from a distance; run though the group yelling "Bang! Bang!" at everyone.

EX 2: You are hidden behind a bush, and opposed player approaches from the front. You call out "Bang! Bang!" before he/she reacts.

EX 3: You come around a bush and immediately face to face with another player less than 20 feet from you. DO use PARLAY (2.7) instead.


2.7.1 If two players encounter each other at 20 feet or less in the forward arc, one should call "PARLAY" and back off 20 paces. This is a safety call to avoid point blank exchanges.

2.7.2 Calling "PARLAY" means you have surprised an opposing player in a dangerous situation and should immediately back off.

2.7.3 DO NOT place yourself in a position where an opposed player's only choice is to accidentally stumble into you and force a parlay call.


2.8.1 After being hit, all players should immediately return to their designation respawn area. Do not wait unless you have an emergency which prevents you from moving.

2.8.2 Main respawns are a “No fire zone”. There will be no firing any weapons within 100 feet of the main respawn. Main respawns will be clearly marked using yellow caution tape. When players are KIA, and use the main respawn, it will take no less than 3 minutes to respawn back into the game.

2.8.3 Respawn camping is not allowed. If you respawn camp (setting up position to shoot your opponent as they leave the 100 foot respawn safe zone), you will cost your team points, and may be asked to leave the game. Also a Cadre may call you out if you are found to be spawn camping forcing you to return to your respawn point.

2.8.4 Mobile respawns (if the game rules allow it) are respawns not marked by caution tape, and respawn time is 1 minute, and the respawn time will begin by touching the respawn flag. Each side will have 1 mobile respawn to use for the game. Anyone in the mobile respawn area without a red rag on is considered a live player, and can be engaged. To use a mobile respawn, your team must secure an area for no less than 5 minutes, and once moved to that area, the mobile respawn, can’t be moved again for a minimum of 20 minutes. Mobile respawns can be destroyed, by simply removing the enemy’s flag from its stand, and laying it on the ground. If a team destroys an enemy mobile respawn, it cannot be used for 1 hour, and must be returned to its owning teams main respawn before it can be used again.


3.1.1 Read the standards on the previous page


3.3.1 No metal grenades, paintball grenades, or hard objects may be used. Only rubber, plastic, Tornado, or Escort style grenades will be permitted.

3.3.2 Each player is allowed to carry up to 2 grenades on their person at any one time (extra may be left at a main respawn).


3.4.1 Spring loaded or gas powered BB grenades (BB showers) and mines are allowed. If a player is hit by a BB from such a device, it is considered terminal.

3.4.2 Any other kind of booby trap MUST be approved prior to the event. Contact the commanding officer for approval on the 1st-Sword forum prior to the event.


3.5.1 Hand Grenades, rockets, booby traps, and mines are defined as area effect weapons.

3.5.2 Area Effect Weapons kill all players within a 15 foot radius of their triggering, regardless which side activated them with the exception of claymores, which is a directional weapon (see 3.5.7).

3.5.3 The player at the center of the blast radius calls out all other players, regardless their side. This is the ONE exception to Rule 1.2.

3.5.4 Only hard cover protects you from an area effect weapon. Hard cover includes a stone wall, a bunker, a building wall or similarly completely obscuring terrain. Trees, bushes, shallow ditches, and other players are NOT hard cover.

3.5.4 Hand Grenades blast radius is determined from the point of landing. Hand Grenade BBs DO NOT have to strike a player to count as a kill.

3.5.5 Rocket blast radius is determined from the point at which it rests, unless it strikes a vehicle.

3.5.6 If a rocket destroys a vehicle, the vehicle is considered the blast radius center.

3.5.7 Airsoft Claymore Mines are classified directional weapons (NOT area effect), and their BBs must strike the target to count.

3.6 Low temperature (160° F max), internal burning smoke grenades may be used if proper precautions for fire prevention are taken and event staff are notified in advance. Only on approved fields.

3.7 Sniper/Designated Marksman (DM) Rules

3.7.1 Sniper/DM minimum engagement distance is 100 feet.

3.7.2 ALL snipers/DM may have a secondary weapon that meets the All Rifle requirements on fps.

3.7.3 Sniper/DM must be approved by the field commander to play the role. Some events may not allow snipers/DM because of the format of the game.

3.7.4 Sniper/DM rifles must be spring or gas powered. If the rifle is an electric rifle shooting above the AEG fps limit it
may be used as a sniper rifle. The replica must be fixed on semi-auto only,

3.7.6 Snipers/DM can use low cap mags.

3.8 Minimum Engagement Rules:

3.8.1 Standard rifles may not engage a target less than 20'

3.8.2 Pistols may not engage a target of less than 10'


5.4.1 Eye protection must have a rubber/foam/soft material seal that closely conforms to your facial features.

5.4.2 Eye protection must be secured against the head via tight elastic or adjustable strap that pulls flush against the head.

5.4.3 Eye protection should be ANZI Z87.1 compliant or better. This standard is usually posted either on the packaging or on the manufacturer's website.

5.4.4 Mesh goggles should be made from stamped steel and not deform from repeated close range hits. We recommend players test their mesh goggles in a careful controlled environment before attending an event with this type of goggles/face protection.

5.4.5 Failure to follow the guidelines on eye protection will mean that you will be asked to leave for the day and could lead to a ban from 1st-Sword future events.

5.5 Mouth Protection

5.5.1 All Operators under 18 must wear one of the following mouth protections: Neoprene Ski Mask, Sports mouth Guard, Lower Stamped Steel, or
Paintball/ Airsoft face mask. No Exceptions

We would recommend that all Operators wear some form of face protection


6.1 Night mission attendees must have a tracer unit, tracer magazine, or tracer hop-up system to participate. Any violators of this rule will cost their team points, and will be asked to leave the game.

6.1.1 Night missions will obviously be dark, and hard to see, so instead of using a red rag, a red chem light/ Red Signal light must be used, NO EXCEPTIONS.

6.1.2 Sniper rifles are not allowed in the night missions, due to high velocity and 100 foot engagement rule.

The most important rule of all is to have fun!

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