Seven planets orbit the white giant star of Andoria. Of these, only the fifth planet in the system, known as Andoria, is capable of sustaining life. Andoria has gravity similar to that on Terra, but has a slightly thinner atmosphere. The major difference between Andoria and Terra is in temperature. Andoria has an average global temperature of nine degrees below zero centigrade and thirty five percent of the planet surface is covered by glaciers.

Andoria supports a population of just over five billion inhabitants, although the majority of the population lives near the slightly more temperate equatorial regions of the planet.


The blue skin, pure white hair, and prominent antennae of the Andorians are well known and recognizable throughout the Federation. The blue hue of their skin is the result of a high concentration of cobalt in the hemoglobin of their red corpuscles. The antennae are remarkably sensitive sensory organs, giving the Andorians sonar detection similar to, but much less powerful than, those of Terran bats. Because of these organs, it is very difficult to sneak up on or elude an Andorian, even in total darkness. A less desirable characteristic of the Andorian antennae is their sensitivity to pain. Being hit in the antennae gives the Andorian as much pain as a Human male experiences when struck in the groin. Andorians in Starfleet are normally issued some form of additional protection for their antennae and Andorian marine personnel wear specially designed combat helmets. Although they allow the antennae to protrude through the top, the helmet offers them as much armor protection as the rest of the head.

As a rule, Andorians are stronger and hardier than most races with the notable exception of Vulcans. This is not only due to the harsher climate and thinner air on Andoria, but also to the martial leanings of their society.

Few attributes of the race, however, have caused more misunderstanding than the famed Andorian temper. This is because Andorians usually exhibit tempers only when the temperatures are soaring. Normally, Andorians are cool, logical thinkers who act only when logic deems it rational to do so. Although both Andorians and Vulcans value logic, it is a mistake to think of an Andorian as a blue-skinned Vulcan, and a greater one to call one such. With their desire for logic, it is easy to overlook the depth of emotion than an Andorian no only feels, but can also express. Even at cool temperatures, it is possible to rile an Andorian so much that they abandon their logic for their more violent roots.

Although Andorians are stoic and largely unsentimental, they do respect and revere family ties. To insult an Andorian's clan is to insult their entire race. Those who do so, either deliberately or inadvertently, will discover just how dangerously crafty an Andorian can be.

Andorian clan relations and the tendency of clans to specialize in one profession are very similar to Gorn practices. Perhaps this is why almost half the negotiation team at the Clanhaven conferences between the Federation and the Gorn Confederation were Andorians. The most prestigious Andorian clan is the Clan of Combat, which handles nearly all the military operations of Andoria. The Controllers Clan, another influential clan, is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the weather on Andoria and it's colonies. Although not as strong as they used to be, the clans on Andoria still remain a vital part of society, although they are more like guilds than clans or families as they were in the past.


Andorians are believed to have originated in the glaciers and now non existent ice fields of the southern polar continent on Andoria. Because they developed in cold climates, the Andorians are endothermic to a degree that they have trouble keeping their body temperatures at 57 Centigrade when in temperatures at or above 44 Centigrade. Exposure to higher temperatures affects the Andorian mind, causing them to lose their logical thought processes and instead become cunningly violent.

It was the migration of early Andorian tribal clans into the more temperate northern latitudes that caused the race to become violently emotional, yet efficient, warriors. In the warmer northern regions of the planet, the Andorians found an abundance of food and learned the rudiments of agriculture. As the summer heat affected them, however, the clans became more warlike and fought each other for land and food, even though there was plenty for all. Hungry for war, the northern tribes moved south to fight those tribes still in the polar region.

Fortunately, the cooler climates curbed the violent tendencies of the Andorian invaders, allowing both sides to work out logical solutions to their differences.

To defend against the inevitable invasions from the north, the Andorians in the polar regions founded Cities of Refuge. In these cities, hotheads who had murdered someone could seek protecting from avenging relatives, provided he joined the city's defense force for the next ten years. The Cities of Refuge protected the southern Andorians, and allowed them to develop advanced technology. Their first project was to reduce the variability in their own climate, thus diminishing the tendency of cool-
headed Andorians to become violent 'hotheads'. Their success at climate control provided the impetus to unite the various tribes under one rule.

The Andorians are one of the few races to have developed warp drive entirely on their own. Before they encountered Humans, they had established the Andorian Star Clan which consisted of close to thirteen planets. First contact with Humans did not proceed well, and ended with the Andorians opening fire on the Terran exploration vessel. Luckily, before the Terran Alliance could gear up for war with the Andorian Star Clan, Andoria received a Vulcan peace mission. As the Andorians themselves are creatures of logic, the Vulcans were well received. The ensuing talks averted war between Andoria and Terra, and as the years progressed, Andoria was one of the five original signatories of the Articles of the Federation which formed the United Federation of Planets.

Place in the Federation

Although the Andorians have matured as a race, the martial spirit is still very strong throughout their culture. Extremely disciplined and possessing a strong sense of duty and honor, Andorians make excellent military officers. In face, a high proportion of all Federation military personnel, including officers of high rank, are Andorian. Andorians served diligently during both the Romulan War and the Four Years War, distinguishing themselves with their sacrifice and devotion to duty. More medals for distinguished service during wartime have been awarded to Andorians than to any other Federation race. Sadly, however, more than just a few of these were awarded posthumously. One of the two combat decorations unique to Starfleet, the Heart of S'em-loh, was named after the Andorian who was the first Starfleet Marine ever killed in action.

In addition to its place in Federation military history, Andoria is renowned for it's achievements in weather control. Andorians were the first race to develop climate control on a planetary scale, and all their colony worlds are either frigidly arctic or climate-controlled.

One of the greatest smears to Andorian honor is the existence of the Warriors of Andor. The Warriors are an anti-Federation terrorist group that developed from an Andorian clan that refused to accept Andoria's 'surrender' to the Federation when it was formed. The Warriors became outlaws, working to bring down Andoria's ruling clan and to dissolve Andorian ties to the Federation. After an unsuccessful coup, Andorian authorities captured most of the Warriors, but some managed to escape offplanet. In the years since, these renegade Andorians have organized and maintained one of the bloodiest terrorist outfits operating in Federation space. Still known as the Warriors of Andor, to the disgust of all honorable Andorians, the terrorists conduct numerous bombings, assassinations, and kidnappings throughout the Federation. Although efforts have been made to eliminate them entirely, the Warriors of Andor return many years later to resume their strikes against Andoria and the Federation.


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