Blue Squad Leader Lightbulb


Lightbulb is an actual US Military Veteran of both the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army.
He done seen some STUFF that messed up his head.
He's been beat up, chewed on, swallowed, crapped out, stepped in, the mooshed around in the dirt.
He's STILL going … just not anywhere real fast.
He prefers the Support Gunner slot in the Table of Operation Elements.
Besides being a former soldier he's dang near made a career as an academic.
He has multiple degrees from institutions of higher learning.
He's Studied at places like Villonova, Yale, Boston College, the University of Washington, and Eastern Washington University
… and the back of your momma's head.

He shoots most anything Bullpup but prefers the L86A2.


He is also been known to shoot the M4 Raider and a highly customized IKA ZUCHI Type-0 Long Range Battle Rifle.


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