Slightly smaller than typical Class M planets, Ferasa is a warm, tropical world of thick and lush jungles, sunny and grassy plains, and wide and sandy beaches. Its atmosphere is thicker than that of Terra and is perfumed with the scent of the dense jungle. Though hot and sunny, frequent breezes sweep its shores and plains, keeping the weather a bit more temperate. The planet's climate is inviting to most life forms, and Ferasa has become a popular tourist spot with the exception of it's short rainy season. The abundance and variety of plant and animal life has kept Caitian zoologists and botanists busy for centuries and many off planet scientists find Caitian ecology a complex and fascinating subject of study.


Caitians are upright, bipedal beings with manipulative hands that look to be descended from a felinoid life form. Their feline ancestry shows in their facial structure, the fur covering their bodies, their tails, and their voices which are reminiscent of the purring of Terran felines.

Often standing two or three meters in height, slightly larger than the average humanoid, Caitians are much more agile and dexterous than their size would suggest. Their fur often ranges in color from white to tan to even black. Their eyes vary between golden to green to blue and have slitted pupils. Having evolved from a hospitable world, their size does not include the hardiness it would suggest and they are susceptible to many diseases when traveling to other planets. Fortunately, Caitian medicine is advanced enough to cope with many of the more deadly viruses encountered and most travelers rarely suffer more than discomfort or minor illnesses during travels abroad.

Caitians are primarily noted for their loyalty. Their society is centered around large clans and clan members are related by a set of connections that are basic knowledge for a Caitian, but are a hopelessly incomprehensible tangle for most other races. To a Caitian, clans are an extension of self and they depend on their members as much as their members depend on their right arms. While clan members treat members of other clans, and other races, as important beings with equal claim to their world and it's resources, they do not rely on them as much as they do on their own clan.

Unlike many other clan-oriented cultures, Caitian clans do not specialize in separate areas. They encourage wide diversity within the clan so that whenever a clan member needs a service or item, someone in the clan can help him or her. Different fields and businesses contain members of as many different clans as possible so that no one clan has control of the field.

Some clans participate in monastic, contemplative approaches to life, preferring the detailed appreciation of one flower to the overwhelming profusion of an entire jungle. Most Caitians, however, express their love of life and beauty by surrounding themselves with abundance. A comfortable, beautiful home is the desire of every Caitian. Home is the center of Caitian life, and a sign of acceptance by a Caitian is being invited in his or her house. Despite the large numbers of tourists who visit Ferasa, few have seen the inside of a Caitian home. Caitians are very territorial and they react aggressively against any threats they perceive to their homes. Their cities are notably clean and well kept, as the fastidious Caitians can not abide a damaged environment.

Caitians practice monogamous, life long marriages. A couple usually has two or three brre'l, or litters, of up to four children. Children of the same brre'l, known as brrel'mar, are exceptionally close to one another and are usually separated by the clan in schooling and activities to prevent them from developing a disproportionate dependence on each other. Each clan member shares in the responsibility of raising the children of the clan.

Caitians do not differentiate between sexes in activities or social standing and strive to be egalitarian in every respect. They provide the elderly with special treatment, but do not consider this any more than a tribute to the wisdom and experience of their elders. As the traditional Caitian saying goes, 'Old age is a power all may achieve.'

Due to the ease in living on the planet of Ferasa, Caitians can set aside concerns about survival and concentrate on the finer things in life. Their culture has a deep appreciation for beauty, which is express in many ways such as study and contemplation of pattern, producing works of are that mirror nature, and most commonly, surrounding themselves with beauty and comfort.

Although Caitians are slow to anger, they are fierce when enraged and they have been known to hold grudges for generations. They do not lie being angry because it is not a beautiful state of being and the idea of war is unspeakably ugly to them. While they shun physical violence, however, they are capable of devious psychological games.

As Caitians are so interested in nature, and each other, their science has long emphasized on planetary and medical sciences. They had not yet developed space travel when discovered by the Federation as they had not 'gotten around to it'. Although some studied astronomy, most Caitians consider the near at hand to be far more interesting.

Caitians are also intrigued by the variety of life forms in the universe and wish to study them all. Although their race has little psionic potential, they are particularly interested in the practice of psionics as they never dreamed such a thing was possible.

Though they have this interest in other life forms, Caitians are still primarily more interested in themselves, or as they put it, in each other. Some races think that the Caitians look down on them because of this, but Caitians are quick to state that they regard all races as equal. For their part, Caitians often feel that other races, particularly Humans, are patronizing towards them. As they find Caitians particularly attractive and reminiscent of felines from Terra, Humans may indeed be guilty of this, but not knowingly so.


The lush jungles of Ferasa have produced a fascinating array of plant and animal life. As the feline ancestors of the Caitians evolved into an upright, intelligent species, they moves towards the clearings and beaches on the fringes of the jungle.

As these predators moved out of the jungle, they turned to the waters for food. Caitian civilization first developed as a fishing and seafaring race, clustered in settlements all along the shores. They soon discovered, however, that agriculture appealed to them more than the strenuous fishing life and in time sailors soon became only figures of a semi-legendary past.

Caitians have few class distinctions, although they say they have none. One clan, the Vr'aun, is considered to be the ruling clan. This title rotates depending on the current Agra'nn, which is used to refer to the Prime Minister of Ferasa and the representative of Ferasa on the Federation Council. Although only the Agra'nn has any significant, his or her clan is respected because of the service of their clan member for all the people of Ferasa.

Caitians adore pomp and ritual and enjoy the ceremony honoring the newly elected Agra'nn every five years. Retired Agra'nn are stilly highly respected members of society and their counsel is sought by many citizens of Ferasa on a wide variety of matters.

Because of their social and sexual equality, and also being the only intelligent species on the planet, Caitians have had little experience with prejudice or discrimination. Pleased with the variety of sapient beings in the universe, they treat all with respect until a race proves itself unworthy of such regard.

There is no history of organized warfare on Ferasa. As the planet is small and the Caitian population homogeneous, no cultural schisms have occurred. Nevertheless, there have been feuds between clans. Violence in these cases mostly have taken the form of kidnapping, arson, and sabotage over direct warfare and battle.

Caitians were delighted and overwhelmed when the Federation Starship USS Framingham contacted them. Excited though unsurprised at the existence of others in the Federation, Ferasa was admitted to the Federation quicker than any other planet with a native, sapient life form.

In modern times, Caitians still have trouble conceiving of violence. Many are physically disgusted at the thought. Those Caitians serving in Starfleet tend to grow accustomed to it, though often to their own dismay. Caitians are often torn between their desire to explore the universe and their strong ties with home. Few Caitians have been willing to spend time extended periods of time away from home to serve the Federation, either as civilians or as members of Starfleet.

As more Caitians leave home, however, more will be willing to follow, knowing that there are friendly faces out there. The number of Caitians scattered through the galaxy continues to grow each year and shows no signs of decreasing.

Of those that do leave home, few choose to join Starfleet, due to their pacifistic natures. Those who do usually serve in non-combat roles such as in medical, science, or communications branches. Caitians are prized members of Starfleet, as they often eventually expand the tenacious loyalty they have for their clan to include their officers and fellow crew members.


Caitian society is based on personal freedom. The freedom of one individual can not be compromised, within civilized boundaries. Caitian cities are built with huge, graceful structures which are often open to the sky. They are also known for their safety and tranquility. Businesses open late in the day, often after noon, and operate until very late at night. One noticeable difference from other hominid species is the typical workday. Most Caitians work only six hours of the day, spending the rest dormant. Of their dormant times, they are often asleep for well over ten hours a day.

Place in the Federation

Caitian civilians often serve the Federation as scientists or researchers as they have little patience working in bureaucracy. Many Caitians travel the galaxy as independent scholars and a good number also travel as merchants and traders. More often than not, those who do seek such a transient life aboard their vessels bring along as many of their clan members who wish to come along to both ward off homesickness and to have all the necessary talents and skills that may be needed out in space.

While few Caitians can be found in Starfleet, even fewer can be found in Starfleet Marines or in the security branch as the direct and violent activity of these positions is often too much for Caitians to stomach. Starship combat, however, is sufficiently abstract enough for them to handle and some enjoy the sight of beams and torpedoes cutting through the darkness of space. While the shot itself may be beautiful, these Caitians force themselves to ignore the 'unbeautiful' effects of a successful shot.

Body Language

  • Tail and Ear Movements
Emotion Expressed By Might Also Be
Amusement/Laughter Tail curling or looping to form a helix. The tighter the corkscrew the more intense the emotion. Joy/Elation
Annoyance/Frustration Tip of tail twitches or flicks. As the emotion increases, the whole tail twitches and lashes and makes a hissing sound. Impatience
Astonishment/Surprise Ears flicking back sharply. Embarrassment
Distress Gripping own tail and shaking or wringing it. Depression
Excitement Quivering ears or whiskers. Anticipation
Hostility Tail stiffening and fur bristling. Fright
Sadness Whiskers or tail drooping. Disappointment


Caitian names are rather complex, revealing information about them at several social levels. The familiar name is usually a single syllable. In the example below, 'M' is the familiar name. This is then followed by a more traditional name. Our example has 'hrissa' as the traditional name. The familiar name is separated by the traditional name in standard rendering by an apostrophe and a glottal stop to form what most non-Caitians would call the Caitian's first name. This is then followed by a family name. The name is then completed with the clan name added at the end. In the example below, 'Dhen'hllalss' is the family name and 'clan-Rr'Vellan' is the clan name. Official titles and ranks, if any, are handled in the Human fashion.





Word Meaning
Agra'nn The Prime Minister of Ferasa and Chair of the Corr'thaval.
ba'fra A common species of tree on Ferasa, often used as a place to rest. Known for their size and shade value.
brre'l A litter or group of usually about four children born at the same time to the same mother.
brrel'mar A sibling, but only in reference to a brother or sister born in the same brre'l.
Corr'thaval The Planetary Assembly of Ferasa.
hrrahth A struggle or fight.
j'mall An early afternoon meal.
jirrh 'Honor'. Also a feeling of loyalty and duty.
Jirr'hrath 'Honor Combat'. Usually spoken as an exchange of ideas or in the form of a debate.
Jirr'ith An ancient, long-bladed Caitian sword. A ceremonial symbol not related to or used in fighting.
Jirr'takal The Mikan Code of Honor. The word itself has two translations: 'Honor of Life' and 'Life of Honor'.
K'Lath A small stringed instrument resembling a guitar.
L'Marra A large stringed instrument like the K'Lath.
L'rramm'frra The most important ceremony in a Caitian's life, although not all are qualified to have it. It celebrates the Great Circle of Life and everyone's place in it. To be allowed to participate, one must prove that he or she has truly found his or her place in life. Only then can one be accepted into the Great Circle.
Mikan The warrior clan of Ferasa. Mikan is also the oldest of the clans. Mikan clans members can be identified by the presence of an 'I' instead of an apostrophe in their name.
N'ssla Voice of the Corr'thaval. In Terran terms, it comes closest in meaning to the Speaker of the House.
niltarr A Chinese-like dish made with tallid, vegetables, and mushrooms in an orange sauce over red noodles.
prr'ston A staff similar to a bo used in combat.
Rrhest'thslens A Caitian beverage. It is highly intoxicating and has a very sweet flavor.
takal Life
tallid A small chimp-life hairless primate used primarily as food or sometimes as domesticated pets.
winthar Bipedal reptile, similar to the Terran dinosaur Struthiomimus, that is commonly used for riding.


Term Meaning
Brother-Mate Brother-in-law.
Clan A political and often familiar unit consisting of Caitians belonging to a common lineage.
Deathdreamer Typically for a Mikan, one who fights without regard for his or her own life.
Sister-Mate Sister-in-law.
Wanderer One who has been declared cut off from the protection of not only his or her own clan, but of all clans. In the past, anyone who met a Wanderer had the right to kill them out of hand. This law was repealed centuries ago.

Miscellaneous Information


Caitians are omnivorous. Their main diets consist of raw or cooked fish, meats, and game birds served with well-prepared root vegetables and fruits.


Both male and female Caitians share a single sex hormone called Caitrogen by Terran biologists. In females, the production of this hormone is greatly increased during one month of the year. This causes a rather severe estrous, during which drugs, particularly Pheraligen, are used to allow the woman to live normally.


The planet is ruled by a large assembly, the Corr'thaval. This legislative organization passes laws and settles disputes, acting also as the planetary court. The chairperson of this assembly, the Agra'nn, is the highest executive authority on the planet. The Agra'nn also serves as Prime Minister of Ferasa and is a member of the Federation Council.

The governmental and civil organizations of Ferasa are remarkably clean and straightforward due to the strong dislike Caitians have for bureaucracy. It is this dislike that keeps so many Caitians from serving in or interacting with the Federation's inner government.


The 'military' of Ferasa is a rather abstract concept. The Mikan, an ancient clan of warriors, serve to defend Ferasa. As a ground force, the Mikan fight and train in traditional methods, their size and power formidable against even well armed attackers. More recently, the government of Ferasa maintains a small fleet of ships, crewed mostly by Mikan, which are responsible for the protection of Ferasa and occasionally work with Starfleet towards that goal.


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