Star Fleet Rapid Deployment Force

This will be a totally IC Fleet. Most played ships and most crews will be in this Fleet.

Flagship: 1 Bellasaurius Class USS LN Devine *
Battleships: 1 NX Titan Class USS Ivwa *
Battle cruisers: 1 Ares Class USS Minerva 2 NX Agamemnon Class USS Drake USS Ignatius
Cruisers: 1 Achilles Class USS Myrmidon *
Auxiliary Cruisers: 1 Courageous Class USS Ver'nath 1 Summer Class USS Tucson
Destroyers: 1 Delta Class USS Paxus 1 Valhalla Class USS Thorval
Scouts: 2 Armored Nova Class USS Sagan USS Marx 10 Exeter Class 2 groups of 5 ships Group A Group B
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