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The Indomitable is a Long Range Special Operations Forward Deployment Platform.

1. It has a CO. SFMC Colonel Patrick "Lightbulb" Devine. He is a fully qualified Special Operations Pilot.
2. It has an XO … Starfleet Commander Steve Abernathy.
The USS Indomitable is a Macpherson class Heavy Transport with a Nimitz Carrier pod
tasked as a Forward Positioning Platform for Spec Ops. It's essentially a Nebula carrier.
We'll have 75 Aircraft: 25 Special Operations Insertion Craft (MH-600L), 20 Armed Insertion (S-12 Gladiator) in our support wing and 10 Strike Aircraft-Specially Close Air (A-18 Firebolt), 10 mixed role Aircraft (F/A-35 Barracuda), and 10 Aerospace Superiority Fighters (F-82 Phantasm) in our fighter wing.
3. We have a standard panoply of Department Heads:
A. Second Officer/Operations Chief/Intel Chief: Lt Commander Elric "RoboJock" Rowar
B. Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Jackson Turnbull Raster
C. Tactical Chief: Lieutenant Nathan Corbier
D. Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor: Lieutenant Judy 'Bandaid' Plunkett
E. Chief of Security: Marine Captain Javere Siyah
F. Chief of Science: Lieutenant Bethani "Charley" Sloan
3a. We have a (or rather need) a Chief of the Boat
It Has a Marine Strike Group. The 551st Spec Ops/Aviation Group
4. The MSG has a CO: Major Kent Solost and and XO Marine Captain Javere Siyah.
4.1 The MSG needs a NCOIC
We'd need a CAG (Either Fleet or Marine)
A. We'd need an ACAG (Marine) for the Strike wing
B. We'd need an ACAG (Marine) for the Support wing
C. We'd need an ACAG (Fleet) for the Fighter wing
We have a Detachment of Powered Infantry. Our Detachment is essentially two platoons,
One mostly Pathfinder scouts with NO Dragoons the other mostly Phoenix Riflemen with NO Dragoons.
7. We'd need a Senior Powered Infantry Platoon Leader for our 'detachment
We have an Omega Spec Ops Detachment: In three sections of three approximately personnel heavy teams.
8. It has an Omega Team CO Major Anthony Reeves
A Data Warfare Team
9. It has a DW Team CO Marine Captain Nikolai Viktor Dragan
Forward Aerospace Control and Tactical Support Team
10. We'd need a FACTS Team CO
Foreign Assistance Team
11. We'd need a FAT Team CO
Hostage Extraction and Anti terrorist Tactics Team
12. We'd need a HEAT Team CO
Pararescue Team
13. We'd need a Life Line Team CO
Recon Team
14. We'd need a Recon Team CO
Ship Seizure Team
15. We'd need a SS Team CO
(Both Omegas and the HEAT Team /will/ be cross trained in ship seizure)
To compensate for the lack of Dragoons we have three Valkyrie Varimechs and one Excalibur Varimech.
16. We need a Mecha Platoon CO
We'd have Cavalry support vehicles.
A. Vehicles like Modular Pattons w/either FV/WM 200 Hvy Phaser or FV/WM 202 EMPW
B. FV/WM-205 Microtorpedo Launcher
C. FV/WM-207B High-Volume MAPLIML
17. We'd need an Armor Officer

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