F 82
F-82 Phantasm

Role: Aerospace Superiority Fighter
Crew: 1 (a 2-seat training variant, designated F-82B, exists)
Physical Attributes:
Length: 17.5 m (57’ 4”)
Wingspan (deployed): 12.5 m (41’ 3”)
Wingspan (folded): 4.7 m (15’ 6”)
Height (airframe): 2.13 m (6’ 11”)
Mass: 16,870 kg empty (37,192lbs)
Performance Characteristics:
Atmospheric Performance (Terran atmospheric standard)
Maximum Velocity: 3,413 km/hr (1,843kts) @ 20,000 meters (Mach 3)
Maximum Acceleration: 300kph/sec (162.1kts/sec) (8.5 G)
Time to max velocity: 11.38 seconds
Stall Velocity: 310 km/hr (167kts)
Duration at max power: 8.8 hours
Takeoff Distance (full load): 490 meters @ 1G
Landing Rollout (empty): 400 meters
Extra Atmospheric Performance
Maximum Impulse Speed: .99c (Maneuverability achieved through ARCS thrusters
located at tips of wings, nose and tail.)
Endurance at cruising speed (internal fuel): 12 hours
Combat Systems (Integrated):
Offensive Systems:
4 M-1368 Very Rapid Pulse Cannons mounted 4@ in leading wing edge mounts

  1. 1, 2, 5, & 6

2 M-464 Medium EMPW Cannons with 9600rnds@ in leading wing edge mounts

  1. 3, & 4

Internal ordnance bay. Bay can be outfi tted with bombs or rotary missile launcher.
Target designator system
8 under wing hardpoints for external air-to-air weapon stores
TDRS-29 Advanced Target Designator/Illumination System
Defensive Systems:
1 Flare dispenser mounted aft with 250 fl are magazine.
1 “Chaff” dispenser mounted aft with 250 sensor deception packs.
1 Decoy dispensor mounted aft with 10 Mk3 Decoys
1 Class Four Force Shield generator which can, for short periods, be reinforced to
Class Five.
1 PSU-1403 Pilot Safety Module (2 in 2-seat training variant)
The F-82 Phantasm is designed to be the SFMC’s premiere ground launched aerospace superiority craft
for the foreseeable future. It provides a heavy offensive punch with a wide array of ordnance loadouts as
well as six leading edge weapon mounts. These mounts may be fi lled with phasers or projectile weapons,
or a symmetrical combination of the two. The F-82 also benefi ts from a design incorporating the latest in
Low Observable Technologies which allow it, in clean confi guration, to engage high value targets using
a stealth fl ight profi le. It is designed to engage in close combat maneuvering against enemy aerospace
craft, as well as engage them at long ranges with advanced sensor and offensive systems. Extensive
testing, including simulated combat maneuvers, has shown that the F-82 is easily among the most agile
aerospace designs in either the Aerospace Branch’s inventory or those of known threat forces.
Though possessing the ability to use Anti-Gravity generators to take off and land vertically, it is also
capable of using aerodynamic fl ight to take off and land in the traditional manner on short runways.

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