F A 35 Barracuda

F/A-35D Barracuda
Crew: 1
Armor Rating: 5
Force Field Rating: 0
Deflector Shield Rating: 5
Airframe Durability: 6
Agility Factor: 6
Acceleration Factor: 7
Endurance: 12 hrs at Warp 9.6
Sensor Level: 3
Computer Level: 4
Offensive Systems
Mk/2 Microtorpedo launcher, centerline under nose, with 12 133mm microtorpedoes
2 - Mk/7 Beam Phasers
2 - Mk/6 Pulse Phasers
Internal Hardpoints:
1 - 500 kg capacity centerline ordnance bay
External Hardpoints:
4 - Medium rails, wing mount (2 port, 2 starboard)
Defensive Systems
ECM Capability: 4
Flare Packs: 6
Chaff Packs: 18
Decoys: 0
The F/A-35 Barracuda replaces its older namesake (the A-35F) as well as the F-7 Mako as a dual-role
heavy strike fighter. It is now the standard attack spacecraft for most Marine Aerospace applications.
It’s heavy ordnance capacity, versatile weapons-management software, and high agility make it as wellsuited
to orbital bombardment as it is to starship interdiction.
The strike fighter version of the Barracuda fields a new Mk3 microtorpedo launcher which is capable of
damaging or destroying starships. Combined with its external stores, direct fire energy weapons and
internal payload capacity, the F/A-35 poses a real threat to its targets.

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