United Federation of Planets
United Federation of Planets
Home Planet: Terra
Quadrant: Alpha & Beta
Currency: Dollars
Friendly: KE, GC
Neutral: OA, FA
Hostile: RSE, CU, OS
Primary Language: Fed Standard



Location Natives
Alpha Centauri Alpha Centaurans
Andoria Andorians
Ferasa Caitians
Delta IV Deltans
Efros Efrosians
Tellar Tellarites
Trill Trills **
Vulcan Vulcans
Unknown Medusan
Edoa Edoans **
Theta VII Thetans
Omega Centauri IV Centaurians
Eveska Eveskans
Triangulii II Trianguliians
** Indicates races whose canon home world is not actually spaced on SNW


United Federation Of Planets Governmental Leaders
President Ogden Chichester
Chief of Staff
Chancellor Gerald McCaskey
Home Secretary Jettero Heller
Foreign Secretary MIrtau Kr'ath
Defense Secretary
National Security Advisor Paul Drake
Director of FIA Jacqueline Graves
Senior Policy Advisor
Prime Minister of Alpha Centauri K'hryssa Chichester
Prime Minister of Andor Gerald McCaskey
Prime Minister of Cait Kitanya Kr'ath
Prime Minister of Efros
Prime Minister of Eveska Peter Kr'ath
Prime Minister of Tellar Tanta Fraise
Prime Minister of Terra Alex Asimov
Prime Minister of Theta Morganna Damerisk
Prime Minister of Vulcan T'Reisa cha'Turik
Governor of Omega Centauri
Governor of Triangulii
Chancellory Departments
Director of the FMM
Director of the OEO Morganna Damerisk
Director of Colonial Affairs
Home Office Departments
Director of the UFPDA
Director of the UFPDI Amy Brown
Director of the UFPJD Ian Reed
Department of Defense Branches
Commander of Starfleet Rammoc Desch'ain
Commander of Starfleet Marines Adrian Calhoun
Commander of JAG Grolinek
Foreign Secretariat Departments
Ambassador to the IGC MIrtau Kr'ath
Ambassador to the KLI Kade Darkanus
Ambassador to the ROM
Special Envoy to the BAJ Joshua Bleu
Special Envoy


The Federalist

A Series of Open Letters to the UFP from the Federalist Party
Written in the Mid 2220s


To the People of the United Federation of Planets

AFTER demonstration of the weakness of our current Labour government, we find it necessary to take the reigns of fate into our own hands and consider what Party can write us a history of which our grandchildren can be proud. We need not speak of the importance of this issue, it is self evident; the consequences of the actions we take this day affect not only our own lives, but the fate of this Federation we are proud to call our own. As I now invoke the style of he that introduced the first "Federalist" on Terra some five and twenty score hence, we must cast aside the cynicism of those who say that a people, or a federation of peoples such as we are cannot rightly make decisions to profit our worlds, that reason is not sufficient to bring to a people liberty, happiness, and the ability to pursue the sweet benefits of freedom and to guarantee them to all who share the ether of space. The Cynic has no place in these Federalist Papers. For these papers explain how this humble party wishes to bring proud days to our Federation of Worlds.

On The Cardassian Trade Treaty

To the People of the United Federation of Planets

We now stand just beyond a fork in the path of our peoples, and the path on which we now walk is smooth, made of worn cobblestones packed so tightly together that not even the most vigorous of grasses can poke through. The path is broad and moves off into a wasteland and a great abyss stands on either side of the road. But, making the path even more treacherous are the finely trimmed hedges and fragrant roses that grow just on the edge and conceal the pitfall from view.

This path is the one sprouting from the recently ratified Cardassian Trade Treaty. We have decided that it is in the interest of the Federation to improve the economy of an Empire that stands on the back of mass slavery. To be sure, trade with the many worlds of the Federation will improve the Cardassian economy and bring fortune to those Federation citizens who trade with them. It may even improve diplomatic relations between our empires and prevent hostilities in the future. It is possible that this treaty may be the first of a long series of steps in peace between our governments.

The treaty will also take our peoples in a large step toward a dark formless void that hovers just over the horizon and deep in the abyss that lies on either side of this road. In this treaty, the Federation has spoken a firm statement for the rest of the Quadrant to hear. The United Federation of Planets puts its own economic prosperity before freedom. Any government may conquer and enslave an entire world and if it is economically expedient, we, the people of the United Federation of Planets will turn a blind eye. And, with our eyes plucked from their sockets and pocketed in a cool dark place, we will fund this slavery and buy as many of those cheaply produced goods as our bankrolls can finance. By continuing on this path, we condemn Bajor to slavery and ourselves to shame. We condemn Bajor by financing its occupation and by giving the Cardassians economic justification to keep that people tightly in their control. We ease the fears that the Cardassians might have at retribution for the crimes they constantly commit against billions of Bajorans. So, if you wish to have thousands, perhaps millions of Bajorans die at Cardassian whim, if you wish to strengthen the Cardassian military so that Bajor's occupation is extended on for centuries, if you want the food on your plate, the dilithium that powers your ships, the durasteel that forms the structure of your house to be stained with innocent Bajoran blood, then it is your duty to do nothing to change the status quo.

It is your moral duty as a member of the Federation to support the Cardassian economy and the Bajoran occupation. Then, when the candlelight of freedom on Bajor grows in intensity and they are finally able to throw off their chains and rid their planet of the Cardassian slave masters; when Bajor stands before the rest of the quadrant and proclaims, "We are free," it will be your shame. For, while these Bajorans make a place for themselves in the galaxy, the galaxy will remember the actions of the United Federation of Planets. The Federation that mouthed words of freedom for its own citizens but cared not when the bonds of slavery were firmly in place elsewhere, the Federation that simply didn't care. But, if you do not want the labor of enslaved Bajorans and their Cardassian-spilt blood to stain your conscience; if you don't want to stand before the galaxy in shame when the Bajorans finally assert their freedom, your duty is quite different. It is your duty to send a message to your representatives in the Council, the message that the day when the Federation sits idly buy and lets its coffers swell with blood money is over and that trade with Cardassia must end. It is your duty to shake the dust of this path off of your feet in defiance of tyranny. And, building a bridge out of the planks of what is good and just, you will walk over the abyss and onto the path of righteousness.

You will find this path to be rocky, but isn't that proper? Diligence and perseverance are a constant companion to those who venture to do right. Here you will see no abyss waiting on either side, but the road will wind into a landscape becoming more and more beautiful as the United Federation of Planets lashes out at tyranny and breaths new life into the Charter that brought it into being.

On Economic Sanctions

To the People of the United Federation of Planets

We have already described the reasons for the injustice of the Cardassian Trade Treaty and the necessity of its appeal. The blood of slain Bajorans demands it. But, the blood of slain, tortured, and enslaved Bajorans demands more than simply the ending of our economic relationship with Cardassia.

Right demands that our economic relationship become opposite what it is now. Any time that a government becomes oppressive and practices the atrocities committed daily by the Cardassians, it becomes the duty of moral citizens everywhere to reverse that trend, whether it be by the end of diplomatic relations,insurrection, or, with regard to the Cardassian Trade Treaty, a trade embargo.

By seeing to it that a power cannot benefit economically in any way from Federation capital, we demonstrate the high level of importance we place on the atrocities that power is known to perpetrate. Such a despot power must be dealt with harshly in the most violent way possible for that area. In the area of economics, that becomes a trade embargo. The council must pass laws making it a criminal act to trade with citizens under that power's authority. The council must order the military to destroy or disable any trade vessels of that registry to enter UFP space.

Such actions put the screws to a power and show to them that the United Federation will not stand by and allow a power to put in chains a sentient race. If we are fortunate, our economic embargo would force that power to abandon the chains of injustice under a failing economy. At the very least, however, it will show the entire galaxy the commitment which this Federation makes to the concept that all sentient beings, no matter who they may be or where they may come from, have the basic right to be free.

On Galactic Freedom

To the People of the United Federation of Planets

Undoubtedly, one of the most precious values we have is that which teaches us that all sentient beings have the right to live their lives free of undue influence. History all over the galaxy is replete with examples of empires and governments which failed to observe a real commitment to freedom, and the failure which was precipitated by that lack of moral courage.

At the very core of the ideals which have founded our Federation is the belief of freedom. We are not a people who have ever believed in a totalitarian state. We have always believed that any government must have as it's founding ideal the belief that all sentient beings have the right to live their lives as they see fit, free from any undue influence or pressure. To do so truly allows for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

A natural extension of this ideal is the belief that any government derives it's powers from the consent of the governed. Accordingly, all people no matter where they are or who they may be have a basic, fundamental right to cast their own voice for who governs them. No matter how well-meaning colonialism may be, there is nothing right with colonialism that can be fixed, given what is wrong with colonialism.

The right to freedom, however, does have one addendum. We do believe that all people are guaranteed the right to freedom. However with great freedom comes great responsibility. We advocate freedom for all, but that freedom must always be rigorously defended. We must not interfere, now or ever, with the rights of any people to live as they see fit. As a Federation, we must commit ourselves to this principle wholeheartedly. We state clearly and for the record that we believe that no government should attack another that it disagrees with on the issue of the day. However, if any government is attacked, it has the right to defend itself. As a Federation, we desire peace. But if attacked, we can, we must, and we should defend ourselves against those who would take our freedom away from us.

The Federalist Party holds that our government must stand at all times for the protection of freedom. Whether we protect the freedom of peoples on Andor or peoples on Bajor,peoples on Efros or peoples on Qo'noS, peoples on Terra or peoples on Rigel, freedom, and the ever vigilant protection of that freedom, must always underlie our foreign policy. This becomes particularly clear given recent events on Wolar. No matter how much we might want Wolar to join our Federation, the rights of the people of Wolar must reign supreme. For if they do not, then we are betraying the very foundations on which our United Federation of Planets was built. That is a concept which the Federalist Party shall not support, today, tomorrow, or any other day until the end of time so long as there is a single Federation citizen standing and that, with fortune and hope, shall be for all time.

On Social Policy

To the People of the United Federation of Planets

Since time immemorial when governments were first established, there has been a fundamental question which has existed over the proper role of government. Should government only see to the needs of the people in defense and roads and libraries? Or is there a higher responsibility on the part of government to see that a certain standard of living exists for the people in any given society?

For many centuries, the debate over what was and was not proper social policy was polarized into two camps. The conservative camp held that the only proper sphere for government to be involved in was where defense or infrastructure or similar vital areas was concerned. At the other extreme were liberals who believed that government could solve all of society's ills by throwing money at the problems which existed. In retrospect, history teaches us that neither perspective was entirely right, but neither was either perspective entirely wrong.

In today's Federation, we see a government dominated by members of the Labour Party who represent a throwback to the old liberal vision of government control and all-out social policy. On the other side, we see yet another throwback as today's Conservative Party wish to see the rollback of many positive programs and ideas which improve the general quality of life for all the citizens of the UFP.

To be certain, those who throw back to that old liberal tradition will argue that they themselves are offering specific solutions to specific problems. But, my friends, look at what is going on. All that's being done is throwing money at the problem. Specific solutions are not being sought.

At the center of our philosophy of social policy and government is a simple belief. That belief is represented in two simple ideas. First and foremost is the idea that government does have a role to play in the lives of it's citizens. That role is not to be all things to all people. As Federalists, we do not believe that government can be all things to all people. But as Federalists we do believe that government has a place in the lives of it's citizens where it gives them the tools to help themselves. This is a proper place for government to be, and it will be an area where a Federalist government will move to keep the promises it makes.

Today's Federalist Party stands in the middle of the two historical extremes. The drive to improve one's own life must come from within. There can be no substitute for individual drive and energy. But government does have a role to play. Government must give the people in any society the tools to help them help themselves. Government can lend a hand, without lending a handout. Both extremes are not entirely wrong. Neither, however, are these two extremes entirely right. The Federalist Party believes that there can be no liberal way of doing things. The Federalist Party believes that there can be no conservative way of doing things. The Federalist Party does believe, however, that there can, and should, be a right way of doing things.

On Economics

To the People of the United Federation of Planets

Of all the areas where government is concerned, perhaps the most important is that of economics. The lives of billions of sentient beings all over the United Federation of Planets depend upon the stability of a free market economy that exists for the betterment of all the citizens of the Federation. In a capitalistic system such as ours, we must depend upon only so much government involvement in the economy as is absolutely necessary to keep private enterprise flourishing and to see that private business is allowed to flourish as it can with private ingenuity amid the environment of free enterprise economics.

We state clearly for the record that we believe in a happy medium which must exist between corporatism and pro-free enterprise economic policy. We believe that government has a role to play in insuring that the economy stays away from wild up-and-down fluctuations. We believe that government has a responsibility to do it's utmost to insure an economy that allows for a high quality of life for all the citizens of the Federation.

That having been stated, however, we do not believe in government control of the economy. We believe that the economy works best when private ingenuity and private enterprise are allowed to bloom and flourish. The economy of a Federation such as ours functions when government maintains an advisory capacity to assure that no fraudulent practices occur and so that the system allows a fair opportunity for all in it. We envision an economy where commerce and business function because those within the system are allowed the freedom to do business as they see fit.

If you believe that government control of the economy is a good thing, then the Federalist Party is not for you. If you believe that government is evil, that government should be entirely taken out of the equation, then the Federalist Party is not for you. However, if you believe, as we do, that there is a happy medium, that we can have an economy which is freer, fairer and stronger while still leaving most of the control over what individual businesses and businesspeople do in your hands, then there is a home for you in the Federalist Party. Join with us, and together we will make our Federation economy the strongest, most resolute that the galaxy has ever seen.

On Defense

To the People of the United Federation of Planets

Let it be stated clearly that the Federalist Party believes that a strong defense is vital to the continued strength, well-being and prosperity of the United Federation of Planets and her citizens. That being said, however, we also believe that concerns related to a strong defense must also, by necessity rather than by choice be related to concerns of our economic well-being.

If, at any time, we do become so preoccupied with military buildups and the defense industry that we forget real economic concerns, then we do a disservice not only to the present generation, but also to the generations which follow, and the countless generations whose years of sacrifice have given us the prosperous society we currently enjoy.

To be sure, defense is important. We look around the galaxy and see aggression on a scale the likes of which has never been seen before. The United Federation of Planets must keep pace with other empires, lest we lose pace and fall behind. If this were to ever happen, it would cost us the freedom which is as dear to our citizenry as the air which sustains our very lives.

Economic concerns must be a central factor when considering any military buildup. When discussing new classes of vessels and new weapons, the central question which must be asked is how such things will be paid for. Let there be no doubt that this humble party believes that the defense buildup which has been occurring is a good thing. However, we must now publicly wonder what plans there are for how the current government plans to pay for this buildup. The Federalist Party will continue to strengthen our defense so that our citizens remain free. However, we shall not do so at the cost of our economic well-being. When making promises, whether they be related to business, defense or any other aspect of public policy in our Federation, we shall keep our word. This is our covenant, and we make it with each and every one of you, the people of our beloved United Federation of Planets.

On Education

To the People of the United Federation of Planets

One of the founding ideals on which our Federation was founded was the belief that individuals could succeed and improve themselves when given ample opportunity to do so. This is one of the ideals that stands at the very center of the core of the ideals which were the founding ideals of our Federation.

We believe that an integral part of the ability of every citizen of the United Federation of Planets to support itself is access to education. Starfleet Academy stands as a fine and shining example of educational excellence as it continues daily to turn out the officers and leaders of tomorrow.

But what of those who do not choose to enter Starfleet? Every day, billions of people all over the Federation contribute through government service, private business, infrastructure, building and a plethora of other vital civilian occupations. We believe that these individuals should also have increased educational opportunities.

We believe in the basic concept of a University of the Federation, a place of learning where civilians may go and expand their learning in all areas. In politics, diplomacy, medicine, the law, economics, flight skills, foreign languages, and a variety of other areas, this University will provide civilians in our Federation with the opportunity to expand their minds and their learning.

As with all things, a Federalist government will move slowly, always making certain that before any venture is attempted, we can pay for that venture without causing fiscal crisis for you, the citizens of our Federation. But our University shall stand as a place where all Federation citizens, Starfleet and civilian alike, may come and improve their education. Equal access to the finest education and educators available shall be a dream which we shall see made into a reality. Education and the opportunity to improve one's own life are inextricably linked, and we believe that each and every citizen of our Federation should be able to get access to the best education that is available, so that you may be able to improve your own life, and by so doing, improve our beloved United Federation of Planets.


To the People of the United Federation of Planets

These papers have laid out for you, our fellow citizens of the Federation, in clear terms, those goals which we wish to see in the new Federation. We believe that the Federation stands at a historical crossroads. We can either move forward to a new era of hope, growth and opportunity where the old liberal-conservative debate becomes a relic of a long dead past, or we can continue a debate which has long since proven stale, old and tired. You know who the Federalists are. We are the party that stands for the researcher on Vulcan. We are the party that stands for the weather monitor on Andor. We are the party that stands for the manufacturing agent on Terra. In short, we are the party which stands for you. You know what we stand for. You know who are. We are the Federalist Party. We stand for you. When it comes time to vote, remember who sided with you. Remember the Federalist Party.


United Federation of Planets
Elections Guide
Lar'rrisa Rrr'fassa <1st Ed. 2325> Marika Sanchez <2nd Ed. 2347> Anika Janssen <3rd Ed. 2370>

The Federation will be instituting an RP campaign style system for elections to the UFP Council and presidency. The intent is to get the Federation away from the predictable "popularity contests" and create a roleplaying environment where players who desire to play roles as lawmakers, politicians, leaders, and other electorally based roles will get that opportunity. Here is a description of that system.

Judge Advocate General (JAG)

Chain of Command

Branch Authorizations:
Judge Advocate General (JAG) 1 Admiral position in SFC. PC or NPC.
JAG Investigations Services (JINV) 2 to 3 independent authorizations for Investigative duties only. PC or NPC; can not be part of a Ship's crew. This position can be offered to anyone by the Judge Advocate General and is a publicly assigned position.
JAG Legal Services (JLS) This position is a career branch position that can only be filled by a full Lieutenant or higher promoted individual who has passed the test on the Star Fleet Code of Justice. This test is a subjective test given by the JAG or one of his/her appointees. JAG Legal Services can be used by any member of Starfleet, President, Council, and the Cabinet.
JAG Trial Services (JTS) This position is a career branch position that can only be filled by a full Lieutenant or higher promoted individual who has passed the test on the Star Fleet Code of Justice and has passed the bar.

Role of JAG - to serve in an advisory role as to the state of conduct of SF officers on or off duty. Serves as convening authority for peacetime SF Court-Martials.

Role of the JINV - to investigate and report the question of any possible misconduct of SF officers that has been reported or asked for by a Superior Officer, the SF personnel in question, or if there is a possible violation of the Federation Constitution to include the applicable laws governed under the Title Starfleet Code of Justice.

Role of the JLS - to serve in an advisory position to JAG and Starfleet personnel to the state of conduct of SF officers on or off duty. Serves as an Advisor to all Government Officials.

Role of the JTS - to serve as Attorneys in the case of a person being charged of a crime or misconducted in both positions of Defense and Prosecution. Any officer being charged will have the full support of a defense attorney provided by this Office.

Miscellaneous Notes

The uniformed services of the United Federation of Planets Department of Defense are no longer authorized to engage in deep cover intelligence operations.

The command of the Federation Intelligence Agency may, however, request that a uniformed officer be placed on detached duty in the FIA.


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