These three remain, fame, females, and latinum, but the greatest of these is latinum.

Home Planet: Ferenginar
Quadrant: Alpha
Currency: Latinum: Bars and Strips
Friendly: RSE, CU
Neutral: UFP, KE, GC
Hostile: OA, OS
Primary Language: Ferengi


Ferengi Government is somewhat of a hybrid of a mafia crime family and a major corporation. The total teleological goal of all Ferengi society is profit and the government structure reflects that. Outside the strict role of 'civil service,' Many Ferengi seek profit on their own with varying degrees of success. Such entrepreneurs own their own ships, bars, mines, asteroids, mercenary groups, etc. They may or may not conduct business on the Ferengi homeworld. Ferengi follow the latinum wherever it takes them.

Those who try to gain profit outside the bounds of the government are still subject to it, which brings us to the basic organization of the government. It works on a 'cut' system. Every person on the totem pole gets a cut of the profits of their subordinates. And the auditors collect the Concordium's 20% tax from all private citizens. Of course, this number is not set in stone, as far as the private citizen knows, because the auditor also takes a bit of latinum for themselves. They have to feed their families you know. If a citizen refuses to pay their tax or commits another crime, (see & fer law), they are handed over to the judges, who will levy a fine appropriate to the offense. If a Ferengi goes bankrupt, they are enslaved by the commerce division and work in mines or some other department to pay their debt (which usually takes a very long time). The taxes and the 33% of all fines go to the Nagus of Commerce. The other 66% is the judges salary. Finally, 33% of the Nagus's salary goes to the Grand Nagus.

The Trade Authority of the Ferengi government consists of a fleet of starships each operated by a Daimon. The ships themselves (just like all other government property) are owned by the Grand Nagus and through the uNagus of Trade, the Daimons are allowed to acquire profit by using them. They may do this by piracy, trade, or whatever other means profits them, but 33% of all a Daimon's profit goes to the uNagus of Trade. A Daimon may be removed from command if they fail to turn a profit or by death. Upon the death of a Daimon, the richest member of their crew (usually the uDaimon) becomes Daimon. Most Daimons give their crew a percentage of their own profit as salary, but this is not universally true. They may distribute profit however they see fit.

Finally, 33% of the uNagus of Trade's income goes to the Grand Nagus. The uNagus in a general way directs the activities of all his subordinates, and the Grand Nagus can give orders to any of the divisions through their respective uNaguses. If a uNagus dies, he is replaced by his richest subordinate, and if the Grand Nagus dies, he is replaced by the richest Nagus, and so on.

The word of the Grand Nagus is law and he can act on behalf of the Ferengi Alliance in all 'official acts of the government' as non-Ferengi would understand it. This is because by even achieving the rank of Grand Nagus, the Nagus has shown his ability to earn profit.

Chain of Command


Naguses of the Military and Trade cannot *directly* order those subordinate to them in another org except in time of war. The Chief Liquidator, as chief Law Enforcement officer, reports directly to the Nagus or uNagus of the FCA and therefore has considerable influence and power in the Empire. A lower ranked Ferengi working for the Liquidators would certainly be more feared and respected than one slightly higher working in the Trade Authority or Profit Transit Authority.


Ferengi law is designed to protect profit and really centers around the rules of acquisition, flagrant violation of these is not only disgraceful but can carry criminal penalty. The rules are detailed in Primer Fer Aquisition.

In addition to this, the Ferengi used have a few other laws :

  1. Races other than Ferengi may not advance higher than the rank of uNagus.

Please note all females have the same rights as males, Orderd by Grand Nagus Pol himself.

Primer Fer Aquisition

The Rules of Acquisition

The first Grand Nagus. Gint, wrote the Rules of Acquisition, the sacred precepts upon which all of Ferengi society is based. But they are just written down, not carved in stone. Even if they were, they're only guideposts; the name "Rules of Acquisition" was only a clever marketing ploy. After all, would you buy a book called "Suggestions of Acquisition"?

In fact, Gint only wrote the first Rule of Acquisition, cleverly calling it the 162nd Rule to create a demand for the first 161 Rules. His successor, Yost, wrote the second Rule, number 104. Many of the Rules were written by the Grand Nagi over the years, but some came from Ferengi businessmen or entertainers. Only one Rule was written by a non-Ferengi: Rule 95 was written by The Masked Breen.

There are 285 Rules of Acquisition altogether. There were 47 commentaries, 900 major and minor adjustments, and over 10,000 considered opinions, though more have likely been added since.

These are not numbered sequentially - the numbers are those quoted by various characters as the source. The record is therefore incomplete.

Commentaries, adjustments, and considered opinions:


A Ferengi's status in the military is directly connected with his wealth: Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #64 states: Wealth is power, such is also true in the military.

Military/Trade Ranks

Rank Translation
Zok Ensign
TarkMon Lt. JG
QuoMon Lieutenant
KoMon Lt. Commander
uDaiMon Commander
DaiMon Captain
Miser Commodore
uNagus Admiral
Nagus Fleet Admiral

Public Affairs and Law Enforcement Ranks

Public Affairs/Law Enforcement Military Equiv.
SiGalkin (Chief Liquidator) Miser
Galkin (Registered Liquidator) Daimon
Alpne (Auditor) uDaimon
uAlpNe (Accountant) KoMon
Geal (Clerk) QuoMon
Public Affairs Diplomatic Military Equiv.
Ouhma (Chief Ambassador) Miser
uOuhma (Ambassador) Daimon
Dofhal (Consul) KoMon
Quirle (Aide) QuoMon

Military Uniforms

The basic Ferengi military uniform consists of a dark brown leather jerkin, over which a silver shoulder-strap is worn (Similar to Worf's on the Next Generation). Any form of pants are allowed with the uniform; wealthier members of the military have more expensive fabrics. Below this is worn a set of black boots. A utility belt, usually containing an energy whip or a disruptor of some sort, is also worn.

On the back of the head, a sort of 'headdress' is worn; a small piece of cloth which begins at ear level and continues down to the neck. Different, more expensive fabrics are used in the making of this headdress acording to rank:

Rank Uniform
Pilch Rough leather
Zok Smooth, fine leather
TarkMon Dark-colored, rather coarse silk
QuoMon Light-colored, fine silk
KoMon Pure white silk
uDaiMon Any animal fur (Usually Terran, most common choice is a tiger)
DaiMon Lion's fur
Miser Bronze mesh
uNagus Silver mesh
Nagus Gold mesh
Grand Nagus Latinum mesh

In addition, all members of the Ferengi Alliance's military have a small stamp or tattoo of the Ferengi symbol on their forehead, usually on the right side.

Military Weapons

Most weapons used by the Ferengi are begotten through traders with others, resulting in a wide variety of weapons. The most commonly used weapon is a sort of 'energy whip'. Purple-handled, about two feet in length, the whip fires a high-energy plasma discharge at the target when it strikes the target and the energizer button is pushed. Ferengi have also been seen in action using Romulan disruptors.

Military Chain of Command


Ferengi Commerce Association

The Ferengi Commerce Association is the most powerful and influential organisation in the whole alliance. It oversees the income of profit from all Ferengi, whether employed by the Alliance directly, or running private businesses. It has power over any Ferengis within the alliance. The FCA keeps track of everything about the citizen; family, business dealings, income, holdings, properties, and more. At the end of every fiscal year all Ferengis must submit their earnings statements to the FCA for appraisal. These statements are checked by the vast supercomputers buried deep within Commerce Tower on Ferenginar. Any discrepancy is followed up with a visit from the enforcement arm of the FCA - the Liquidation Division. The Registered Liquidator is feared and respected throughout the alliance. The RL has power to close businesses, fine, and even jail Ferengi suspected of reporting false profits or breaking laws.


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