Foreign Assistance
Foreign Assistance: “De Opresso Liber”
Their motto means, “To free the oppressed.” These units are designed to enter forward embattled areas and teach indigenous peoples how to organize military forces and conduct guerilla operations against an invading force or army of occupation. These units also travel to foreign governments and assist them in developing their own SpecOps groups. Frequently, they stay and assist trained forces in direct-action combat operations. Due to Prime Directive restrictions, specific requests for assistance must come from races already holding, or petitioning for UFP membership before an FA unit may become involved.
Composition (16 operators)
Leader, First Officer, Team Sergeant/Weapons Sergeant, Communications Sergeant, Demolitions Sergeant, 2 Surgeons, 2 Linguists (15 languages between them), 2 Recon/Intel Sergeants, 2 Field Scientists (1 life, 1 physical), 2 Advanced Technology Specialists.
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