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Territorial Beliefs

For the Gorn players and any other players who are interested in knowing the following entry is on Gorn Territorial Beliefs.

Gorn Definition of territory: Anything that can be controlled, such as but not limited to Money, land, ships, goods, and military units. As long as a Gorn can benefit from holding the material is is considered part of his/her territory.

For a Gorn territory is the first thing on its mind. In the Gorn society the ability to hold and gain territory is what most Gorns position is based upon. Gorns will protect their territory at all costs and when the need comes will attempt to expand theirs in the same way. When the Federation set up a colony on Cestus III (Moltoc) the Gorns saw this as coming to close to their borders and attacked. The condition of the territory is not a major concern as long as some gain can be had from controlling it.

As far as Clan territory is concerned land and goods (or any other territory) is used to be back favors or settle disputes after duels and such. In modern Gorn society challenging another Gorn Clan to war over its territory is unheard of. In the instance that a new planet is found thousands of Gorns from each clan will go forth to colonize it, and create a new Clan.


Gorn politics are unique in the modern universe due to the interaction between the Clans and the Kessar. This relation ship is much like medieval times on Terra. The Kessar is usually a very physically strong Gorn, because Gorns base leadership on a 'might makes right' philosophy. Also the Kessar will have backing of a large number of military force. Even thought the Kessar is the final word in all Gorn affairs, he/she must be aware of the wishes of his/her people or risk a revolution. In order to explain the clans the following are definitions of each Clan.

Clan Description
Clan Gdhar This clan is the conservative clan and based on the Home world Gdharssis. This clan follows the belief that contact with other races should be avoided unless it is in war. Members of this clan are usually closed minded, and once they make up their mind it is very hard to change it.
Clan Quinse This clan is the liberal clan and is based on the planet Quinse. Members of this clan usually have a open mind to contact with other races and support the idea if the Confederation can gain from it. Members of this clan are usually open minded and can listen to most ideas with out becoming angry.
Clan Moltoc This clan is based mostly around the military and is based on Moltoc(Cestus III). The feeling of the Moltoc clan on other species is more of an understanding that they are there and that it is up to the Kessar to decide what to do with them. Members of the Moltoc clan are usually very loyal to the Confederation and will listen to most ideas, but do what the Kessar says.

Membership of a clan is based on birth place, or which clan controls the ship/colony that the Gorn is born on. Gorns usually pick up the beliefs of their Clan.


Gorn law is simple. It revolves around the wishes of the Kessar, but there are some basics that don't change:

  1. The will of the Kessar must be fulfilled.
  2. No Gorn may kill another with out the proper challenge and protocol has been made.
  3. No Gorn may remove territory, nor property from another Gorn.
  4. All Gorn must act in ways that do not hinder the growth of the Confederation.

If one of these or other laws are broken then a trial will be held by the office of the Kessar itself. If punishment is deemed proper then it will be swift. The type of punishment can range from removal of title to exile. If a Gorn is exiled they may do a task to be welcomed back into the Confederation.


Gorn have no religious beliefs. They are nature based and evolution is the theory that all Gorn believe. The theories of Darwin best describe how they think. Although Gorns don't have religious beliefs every two IC years they have a celebration of the Gorn spirit and the expansion of the Confederation. This time is filled with feasts and contests and is called the Centec Games, in remembrance of the extinct Gorn Clan that was lost in the first war with the Quiet Ones.


This is a list of ranks and titles of the Gorn Confederation. These ranks are military but can branch into other divisions as well. This can also serve as the CoC of the Confederation.



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