Lieutenant Jg Elric Robojock Rowar


"Captain, there's an unidentified ship on sensors. It's closing in on us."

Rising from the central seat on the Bridge, a tall Bajoran man tugged down his uniform jacket and took a few steps forward, "On Screen."

Before them, an amalgamous horror appeared in the form of a train wreck of a ship, looking almost like a giant pupa. It loomed over the smaller Sovereign class vessel in an intimidating fashion, pulsating slightly as if alive.

"No identifying markings," the young officer at the Conn reports. "I tried cross-referencing with Starfleet Databanks. It doesn't seem to be of any recognizable design. Sensors indicate that it's giving off some strange readings."

"Open hailing frequencies," Captain Veni said, brow knitting together as he studied the thing before them. "Unidentified vessel, this is Captain Veni Tath of the USS Engel. We are on a mission of peace, we mean you no harm." Inwardly, he rolls his eyes. How cliché could he get with the whole 'we come in peace' line?

A bubbly, chittering sound flooded the channel as the image switched to that of a pudgy, ugly creature with large round black eyes and a mouth full of ragged, crooked teeth. It looked more like something from someone's dark nightmares than a real creature. It had a definite frown on its face as it regarded the crew of the Engel with interest.

"Can the Universal translator clean that up?" the Captain asked, trying to hide the obvious rush of fear tingling up and down his spine. It was a chilling feeling, one that went straight to his bones. He found himself placing a hand on the armrest of his chair, as if keeping a hand on something familiar would protect him.

"No, sir, it doesn't seem to be any language known in Starfleet databanks."

"Great…" Veni muttered, then cleared his throat and looked back up at the screen. "Please accept our apologies. We are unable to understand your language. Perhaps we can find a common ground." he said, smiling.

"They've terminated communications, Captain." the young Ensign reports as the alien blubbers again right before the screen went blank. Veni's smile quickly faded.

"The ship is in motion, sir," the tactical officer reports, a slight tone of concern to his voice. "They're closing in on us."

"Red alert. Full reverse, keep our distance from them." Veni ordered, taking his seat again. "Turn us around, get us out of here. Make a report and contact Starfleet HQ." his fingers flew across the armrest panel, the chilling feeling in the pit of his stomach rising, causing his hand to shake just slightly. He was able to send off a message just before his tactical officer reported.

"Sir, they've activated some kind of tractor beam. They've locked onto us and -"

The ship shuddered as it was brought to a halt by the wide tractor beam, creaking as it was being pulled backwards toward the amalgamous horror, which was opening up from the front like a gaping maw, eager to devour the smaller vessel as if it were mere plankton. The Engel's running lights suddenly went dim as her main power went out, leaving the crew on auxiliary reserves only. The eerie silence was almost deafening to the crew as they sat in stunned silence, exchanging glances.

"Captain, we're being brought into the ship's opening. They've somehow disabled our power grid. We're running on aux power." the First officer reported, trying to get a hold of Engineering to get the power back online. "Damn, I can't get enough power from the batteries to even honk the horn let alone route to the propulsion systems."

"Get the shields back up, get us out of here, fire into it if you have to, just /get us out of here/." the Captain ordered, frowning. "Veni to Sickbay- how many casualties are there, Doctor?"

"Sickbay to Bridge we-"
The ship groaned loudly, the sound of cracking metal and breaking plexiglass became deafening as the ship was drawn inside the other, the cylindrical opening beginning to constrict around it, crushing the Engel.

"We're inside the other ship, Captain," the first officer stated, "The only thing we can do now is abandon ship and self destruct."

Rising to his feet, Veni nodded and tugged down his uniform, gesturing to the emergency escape pods located on the bridge. "Agreed - let's ge-"

Before he could finish his sentence, the ship was destroyed in a brilliant flash of light, the tremendous explosion rattling the ship in which it was drawn, causing a loud deep moaning sound.

Out of the nearly 800 crewmembers and 25 civilians aboard the USS Engel, only a dozen of the crew survived. There was no trace of their ship because the ship had basically been absorbed into another vessel, an amalgamous horror that would make a Borg cube look like a box of kittens. On board, the remaining crew was taken into captivity by the residents of the vessel, short, fat little creatures with bulbous eyes and a surprising level of intelligence. Their ship seemed to start with a smallish base ship of their own design, and spread out into a massive maze comprised of parts of the other vessels they encountered, held together by a thick organic substance capable of withstanding the pressures and temperatures of space.

Lieutenant Commander Maria Sanchez had served as the Engel's Chief Engineer for the past five years, knowing the Sovereign class vessel inside and out down to the last fastener holding her together. The single mother of two teenage boys, she was rapidly approaching her fifties, but still retained her fiery spirit and bountiful energy. She had been widowed shortly after the birth of her youngest son, but managed to juggle both her family and career. Both boys were planning on joining Starfleet, which made Maria both afraid and proud. Her husband perished in a transporter accident when their ship was suddenly bombarded as they were beaming his away team back to the ship.
Captured along with her was one of her assistants, Lieutenant Gregory Felson, a talented technician in the area of computer design and development. Greg was a wiz at software and system design, but had a boisterous personality which made him the perfect assistant for the chief engineer. It didn't take Maria long before she discovered that nearly everyone that was captured and brought aboard the alien ship was an expert in their field, and the rest were soon either killed or disappeared into the bowels of the organic nightmare. Lieutenant Commander P'ato, a Vulcan, served as the Chief Science Officer with a specialty in programming and artificial intelligence systems. Commander Hin Rowar of Bajor had just recently been promoted to Chief Medical Officer. Her assistant Lieutenant Lhynra of Trill was spared as well. Her area of focus was biomechanics and cybernetic research. There seemed to be a pattern as to which of the twelve lived and who was taken away never to be seen again, but for the first couple of weeks, the senior staff of the Engel was unaware of this pattern, or rather, weren't certain as to what the significance of the pattern was. The ship's Counselor, a Betazoid Lieutenant Commander Illya Axahi, seemed the least likely of the group to be spared. She was a kind and generous person, but with all the others being experts in highly technical fields and hers in psychology, it seemed strange that they would want such a figure. She was engaged and to be married the week after their capture. She could only imagine what the news would do to her family if she were to be killed in this awful place. They were glad she was spared, of course, but it didn't seem to fit the pattern.

By the time the aliens were prepared to unveil their intentions, only six crew members were left alive. They were brought into a research laboratory, which was outfitted with various types of technology ranging from the retrograde to the highly advanced. The laboratory itself was reminiscent of a familiar civilian design, the tools Vulcan and Federation in nature. What they were presented with was the schematics for a humanoid machine capable of performing functions throughout the ship from a central location in Engineering. Nothing about this place made sense, but the aliens' plan would soon be revealed to them.

"You want us to build…an android? A /humanoid/ android?" Maria asked as she scanned over the schematics, shaking her head in disbelief.
"Ih." the blobulous alien replied in its thick bubbly voice.
"If you've tapped into the databanks of Starfleet vessels," Maria responded, "then you must know that there's never been another functional android built in this style…they've never worked. Suffered cascade failure every time it's been reproduced and failed. Not even Soong's creation itself was able to replicate a functional positronic brain. How do you expect /us/ to do something like this in these conditions? It's insane, it can't be done." Though deep down she knew that the team could do it, and part of her had the guilty pleasure of actually wanting to try it.

The pattern was beginning to come together…a programmer, an engineer, a biomechanical scientist, an expert in artificial intelligence and a computer specialist brought together to construct what was generally considered to be the impossible. Even one of Soong's own sons was incapable of recreating the miracle that was the functional positronic brain, how were they going to do it without the benefit of years of research and testing? The laboratory contained almost everything they would need; however, it seemed that the amount of materials they had to work with was a bit low. If they were going to do this right, they would have to make some serious changes to the schematics. The aliens wanted a very humanoid looking figure, which made the crew question why, if the aliens were only going to use it for interfacing with the ship's computer. Hin Rowar surmised that if it was human enough, it could possibly be used to infiltrate other areas. The prospect was slightly disturbing. An android capable of integrating seamlessly into society without being detected and recording everything is a very dangerous idea indeed.

Months passed, and the crew was at least able to make some progress on the basic construction of the android their captors were forcing them to build, laying out the skeletal structure and beginning to piece it together. The collected technology in the laboratory made the process much easier than they anticipated, but yet they were dragging their feet in the hopes that they could make the project look impossible, but knowing the aliens would probably not be convinced and kill them in favor of bringing in a new crew, which meant hundreds of additional lives could be lost.

The crew worked, slept and ate in the laboratory, sealed in by the aliens until they were able to complete their task. Food was brought in the form of nutritional tablets that could be absorbed on the tongue. Apparently, one of the things they did not absorb into their ship was a mess hall or a food replicator. Felson and P'ato worked relentlessly on the programming, which presented challenges in itself. The two had frequent conflicts of personality and opinion, resulting in many arguments, which displeased the aliens.

It was a several more months before they were nearing the completion of the project, the crew was periodically allowed out of the laboratory to relocate to a replication of a Federation starship lounge where they could spend some time away from the lab and relax. Were their alien captors softening up to the ragged officers? It seemed so for a while, as the aliens had to keep the morale of the captive crew members at least high enough that they could continue the work to the best of their abilities. Maria and the others learned that the aliens were xenophobic, but curious about other species. Their technology was organic in nature, integrating technology into the thick rubbery substance that made up the walls and hull of the ship. By design, the ship was alive, needing to absorb material in order to survive. As it absorbed other ships, the aliens integrated that technology into their ship, which eventually created the massive patchwork of various technologies. They apparently absorbed a ship that contained records of an android design, which gave them the idea to have one built for them. Their motivations were still a mystery, but they made it clear that they wanted it to be humanoid, and as able to pass for real as possible. The team decided that his appearance was to be a bit of a middle finger to their captors, which would probably kill them anyway. The android was given the wrinkly nose of a Bajoran, the spots of a Trill and the pointed ears of a Vulcan; though no self respecting Vulcan would recognize him as one with his overly elongated ear points. He was a patchwork android, and would never be able to integrate into any society.

On the day the android was to be activated, the crew gathered in the laboratory, exhausted, but glad to see the completion of the hardest part of their work. Now, it was just a matter of working the bugs out. The android needed a personality, so they downloaded their own thoughts and memories into him. Maria had a feisty no-nonsense attitude, P'ato was the hardcore logical one, Hin was the compassionate one, Lynhra was fun-loving and loved to try daring new things, Illya provided a moral compass and stability, while Felson was the one with the wild streak. How the android would process all of this was still up for testing, but at least it would appear to have some kind of personality, though hopefully not a split one with all the different types dumped into him. He would have basic emotions that would develop over time. Months prior to this moment of triumph, Felson got into an argument with one of the aliens, insisting that they let them contact home so their families at least know they're not dead. It had been over a year since the crew's capture, and that was a long time for someone not to be able to contact loved ones. The aliens may have taken kindly to this had it not been for Felson's short temper and overzealous use of profanity, and Felson soon joined the rest of the unfortunate crew members taken into the bowels of the ship to be used as nourishment for the organic components. The others could still hear his anguished screams of terror for weeks when they lay at night trying to sleep.

The five approached the table where the android lay with restraints holding him down to ensure that he didn't make any sudden moves that might damage him or the crew as they worked on him. P'ato replaced the panel on the side of his head, making sure it was in place before Maria hit the activation switch at the base of his spine. The aliens had made it clear that they wanted an android that copied the notes of Noonien Soong, but the crew knew that there was no way they could replicate that design with what they had. Even though they were fantastic designs, there were better and more efficient ways to go about some of the systems, and so they utilized the schematics only in the way that the layout of the systems is basically the same, so that if he would ever need repairs or if someone needed quick access to something, if they had the knowledge of the Soong designs, they could quickly compensate. That kind of foresight elated the women, but was a cause of concern for P'ato, who saw this as a massively bad idea, no matter how great it would be to accomplish what had often been referred to as the impossible.

The android flinched slightly as he was brought online, bright grey-blue eyes opening for the first time and taking in his surroundings. The tan skinned Maria and the pale P'ato were the first faces he saw.

"State your name." P'ato commanded, dark eyes scanning the unit for any problems so far.

"N…nnnn" he began, not quite sure how to physically form the words he hears in his head. "Naayymm.."

"Give him a bit," Maria said, "say it again, but get into visual range."

P'ato nodded and moved so that he was looking overtop of him. "State your name."

"Your Name." he replied, a silly little smirk appearing in the corner of his mouth.

Illya and Lynhra giggled while Maria rubbed her forehead. "Did we even /give/ him a name?"

"I do not believe so," P'ato said, slightly incredulous. "That seems to have been a major oversight on our part."

"What are we going to call him?" Lynhra asked, looking the android over.

"I think we should refrain from referring to it as a 'him'. We cannot become attached to this unit. In fact, we will in all probability need to destroy it."

Illya covered her mouth at the thought of it. "All that work…you would destroy him? Look at him, though. We spent months just designing his anatomy alone."

"Yeah, I'd definitely say after that it's safe to say it's a him…" Illya added, blushing.

"We can call him Errol…that was my father's name." Lynhra said with a nod.

"Fine," Maria sighed. "His name is Errol. Listen, your designation is now Errol. Can you repeat that?"

"My designation is now Errol." he repeated, his speech slightly off, but that would come with fine-tuning.

The aliens silently watched from a booth that overlooked the laboratory area, churbubbling amongst themselves. They now had their plans on track. The android would be able to be placed in a situation where it could gain information and report it back to them. It could even download information from the databanks for their use. Theirs was a race of conquerors mixed with the curiosity of scholars, looking to obtain as much information from the universe around them as possible, and then taking it for their own advancements. Thus far, they have not been particularly successful since they came to the Alpha Quadrant, having served more of an intergalactic train wreck than a credible threat to the Federation, who still did not know of their existence.

Even though the hardest part of the work had been completed, it would still take several months before Errol would be ready for any type of advanced activities. The aliens oversaw his training as he learned to walk, which the crew found is not as easy as teaching a human child to walk. Illya was slightly concerned that spending his crucial development time in such an environment might be damaging to his evolution, as was Lynhra. Maria expressed a similar concern but P'ato said that they should not worry about such things, nor become so attached to their creation, because it is likely that they will be required to destroy it or use it against the aliens where it would certainly be destroyed. Try as they might, however, they couldn't help but become attached to the android, looking at him as their prized creation, almost like a son. He had his own personality, his own mind, and yet here he was, completely innocent and serving as a tool developed for mendacious purposes. While Lynhra and Illya had no children, Maria was a mother of two and fell into the role as a maternal figure despite trying to remain detached from the android.

"Why is he so…short?" Illya asked, finally close enough to get a good look at Errol, lifting an eyebrow.

Errol lifted a Vulcan-like brow in response to her cocked eyebrow, which caused her to giggle slightly. Maria walked around him, tugging down his shirt, which was all rumpled.

"We didn't have a lot of materials to work with," she said, fixing his hair like a mother fussily getting her son ready for his first day of school. "We either had to make him short or his internal skeletal structure would have been too unstable and had the possibility to break."

P'ato frowned at this, another action Errol mimicked. "I fail to follow that logic, Commander. You are saying that instead of constructing this android in a way that would allow us to overpower it, we have instead possibly engineered our own demise?"

Maria scowled and shook a finger at the tall Vulcan. "Look, we just spent the better part of two years to build something that's pretty much been deemed impossible. I'm certainly not going to do it half assed!"

"I would not intentionally harm anyone," Errol protested, trying to follow Maria's orbit around him with his eyes.

She gave him a swift pat on the shoulder and said "Of course not, honey, you wouldn't hurt us…besides, there's a safety protocol in his program that won't allow him to take any hostile action toward us." as she continued to fuss around him, she muttered in Spanish. "Ay yi yi…who taught you to dress yourself, Oscar the Grouch?"

"That would have been me," the young Illya replied with a short raise of her hand. "I'm not a very good teacher…it took me three tries to get him to understand that underpants go on the inside, not the outside."

"Lovely, let's get him back to the room so we can get some sleep before those slimy ball sacks come back and want us to give them the grand tour of his systems."

Errol had been online for nearly eight months before the aliens finally decided it was time to claim what was theirs and begin using the android for their own needs. He had been staying in the room with the crew of the Engel, quietly studying and learning from the computer while they slept. In the middle of the night, two of the aliens came and took Errol, filling the room with a gas that would keep the crew members asleep as they grabbed him by the arms with surprising strength and took him to Engineering. In the morning, they realized he was gone and went about looking for him, unaware that the aliens had already taken him, but suspecting it in the back of their minds. In Engineering, they sat him down and analyzed his programming, ignoring his inquiries as to who they were, where they originated and why they had the odor of a salty decomposing fish. They made adjustments to his input systems, which he did not enjoy one bit, protesting that he was going back to his room with the others. The alien backhanded him stiffly, which sent him flopping back into the chair, stunned that he had been struck, sensors registering discomfort. Before the android could exhibit any further rebellious attitude, they activated a control so that he could be commanded from Engineering.

"Find them…kill them." the alien said in rough English.
Errol's eyes stared out into nothing as he nodded, rising to his feet and exiting the room.

P'ato used the computer to try and track Errol, getting a target on him as he left Engineering.

"They have taken him, and undoubtedly altered his programming. He is coming back to this room. I suggest we leave immediately."

They left the cramped quarters as a group and moved down the corridor. They hadn't been very far into the ship in all their time on board, just the path between the quarters and the laboratory. As they passed through the corridor, the panels on the wall began to change. Not exactly set level, one of the panels was a Federation starship panel. P'ato attempted to access it, but the language was unrecognized. The group swiftly continued, coming to a junction where three corridors intersected. The bubbly chittering sound of the aliens language came over the intercom as an object looking much like a camera with a red eye came out of the wall on a slimy organic arm.

"I seeeeeee youuuuu…" Errol's young voice said in a sing-song tone, no doubt under the control of the aliens.
Maria placed a hand on her forehead in exhausted anguish as the other girls were starting to panic. Dropping her hand to her side again, she put her hands on her hips and took a step toward the camera, which was obviously watching them.

"Errol, if you don't knock off that bullshit right now, I swear to God I am going to come in there and beat your ass!"

The red eye of the camera opened wider as the shutter seemed to open in surprise, then the camera retracted into the wall with a sickly squishy sound. P'ato lifted an eyebrow, impressed by the feisty woman's triumph.

"Interesting. He actually parses that as a credible threat."

Maria started to open a panel on the wall, intending to try to seal off part of the corridor. "He damn well better." she said, crossing two wires and standing back up, wiping her sweaty palms off on her hips. "Don't you remember after we downloaded Ensign Donnie's personality into his databanks before they killed him and P'ato asked him to retrieve a tool from the table next to him?"

P'ato nodded flatly and replied "Ah, yes. He insinuated that my mother was a prostitute and that I should perform inappropriate acts with a laser torch. It was my understanding that you returned with him to the laboratory to make the appropriate adjustments to his programming."

Illya said "Yeah, downloading his personality traits was probably a bad idea…"

Lynhra snickered. "Right…why /did/ we call him Ensign Donnie anyway? His name was Greg and he was a Lieutenant."

"I gave him an adjustment all right." Maria replied, jump starting a cable to deliver a shock to the organic component of the wall to trigger it to close. "An attitude adjustment. Believe me, he'll never talk like /that/ again."

Giggling, Illya stepped back as the corridor closed. "I was wondering why he was so contrite when you came back. I guess that explains it!"

"I raised two teenage boys. I'm not taking that kind of mouth from an eight month old android!"

They tried to make light of the situation by reminiscing on the amusing memory, but the threat of termination by their own creation still loomed heavily over them. They were on a strange ship with no way out, and it seemed imminent that they would certainly not escape with their lives, but they weren't willing to go down without a fight.

"His protocols shouldn't let him harm us…but it looks like they may have gotten into him and reprogrammed him." Maria said, trying to seal off another corridor. By delivering a shock to the organic tissue, it registered as being damaged and sealed shut like a valve. If they could keep one step ahead of the aliens, maybe they could find someplace safe.

The closed corridor tore open when a plasma weapon cut through it like butter, revealing the android and two aliens. Errol stepped over the mangled mass on the floor and approached the crew.

"It is unwise to attempt to escape." he said flatly as he began to approach them, his tone almost mechanical. The aliens closed in with weapons of their own as the corridors behind them closed.


The aliens took Errol back to Engineering and sealed him into a chamber where he would be connected to the ship via connection ports in his arms, back and neck. The connections were untested before they decided to kill the remaining Starfleet officers, leaving the aliens to figure it out on their own. They activated the controls, taking Errol's consciousness offline and leaving him to run on commands. His first task was to translate some of the information they obtained from the Engel's databanks. As the android worked, they plotted their next destination, traveling back toward the Alpha Quadrant. What they did not anticipate was that Errol's creators implanted protocols into his programming that if anything were to happen to them, that he would go into shutdown mode. Since he was directly connected to the ship, when he went into shutdown mode it took the ship's systems offline as well. They had put all of their control into the android's chamber panel, which was now inaccessible to them. The organic ship creaked and groaned as its power supplies were cut off, and life support was terminated. It wasn't long before the aliens perished due to their own short sightedness, terminated by their own creation.

USS Patriot's Captain's Log:

We encountered a strange vessel drifting in the Vega Star System. Scans indicated that it did not match any vessels registered with the Federation, nor did it seem to match anything encountered before, yet the technology closely mimicked Starfleet's in appearance. Perhaps this was so that it could go about unnoticed. When there was no response from hails, a deeper scan revealed that no life signs were aboard. Life support was offline, as were the engines. The organic portions of the ship seemed to be disintegrating or dying.

An away team was sent to the vessel once it was determined it was safe. Inside, the Bridge looked very much like that of the USS Engel, a ship that had gone missing a few years ago. Engineering and Science inspected the computer system. While it was in a language we could not identify, it was discovered that the vessel was intended to put out a signal that would mask it as a Starfleet vessel should any ships come into close contact with it.

The ship was simple in design, not much more than a few computer panels here and there, preferring to use function instead of form. The ship's corridors were eerily empty. There were no signs that the ship had been inhabited recently.

As the away team proceeded to the lower decks, they became more and more patchwork - pieces of hull, probably from the Engel, made up the turbolift shaft and the decks leading to the engineering level. High energy levels were detected the lower we went, and the lower we went, the more Starfleet technology we found.

Engineering was a mish-mash of Starfleet and Alien technology. Somehow, the occupants of this ship assimilated the Engel into their ship, creating an eerie patchwork of familiar and unfamiliar technology. The warp core from the Engel was here, along with several consoles and what appeared to be the main computer system.

What we found there was unlike anything we have ever seen before. Large tubes running from floor to ceiling around one side of the room were filled with some kind of fluid and wires. Laid out around the tables were artificial humanoid body parts. It was disturbingly macabre, as if they were trying to build some kind of artificial human being. Pieces of Starfleet and Vulcan technology were being dissected and studied, but still there was no sign of who occupied the vessel. As we traveled to the next room, drawn to it by a bright bluish glow, we found our answers. There were piles of ashen material on the floor, congealed into the deck plating. In this room there were dozens of these marks on the floor. Samples were taken to bring back to the ship for study.

The blue glow was coming from another tank filled with a bluish substance, a conductive gel of some kind. Suspended in the gel and attached to wires, tubes and other computer equipment was what appeared to be a young man, a teenager. The cables were attached to him through his arms, head and torso. Science took what samples they could of the vaporized substances and were beamed back to the ship. Skeletons were found in the corridors outside of Engineering. It was later revealed that they were crewmembers from the Engel. Engineering was able to manipulate the controls. The interface was Starfleet but the language converted into some unknown tongue, but Lieutenant S'rex was able to drain the tank of the fluid. The cables were able to hold the weight of the young man, but power fluctuations began to threaten to cut the away team short. Cutting away the glass, we were able to free the young man, who remained unconscious until the connections were severed.

The young man convulsed, seemingly in time to the ship's systems suddenly going absolutely crazy. Auxiliary power went out, and the ship started to plummet into the atmosphere. Our studies were cut short and we were forced to beam back to the ship with the young man, who seemed to be suffering some kind of seizure from having the connections with the ship severed. He was immediately taken to sickbay, where it was discovered that he was a fully artificial life form. He had been a semi-functional AI for the ship, but without instruction, could only drift on a pre-determined path. Attempts at awakening him were unsuccessful, so he was placed in a private room so the engineers could study him. I contacted Starfleet Command and informed them of our find and was instructed immediately to return to port. The alien ship was lost into the atmosphere of <insert planet>, our hopes of learning who these people were and what happened to them and the Engel lost.

Let the record show that Lieutenant Commander Maria Sanchez of Earth, Lieutenant Gregory Felson of Earth, Lieutenant Commander P'ato of Vulcan, Commander Hin Rowar of Bajor, Lieutenant Lynhra of Trill, and Lieutenant Commander Illya Axahi were identified as having been captors aboard the alien vessel. Their bravery will not be forgotten and medals of Honor will be sent to their families along with the families of the rest of the 800 crew members lost.

End Log

After that, those that had been in contact with the alien ship and the artificial life form were debriefed and transferred, the android taken into the care of two of Starfleet's finest cybernetic specialists. The technology for an AI Interface was practically handed to them. One of the first things the researchers did was lock away all of his memories prior to his activation on Spacedock. It would be damaging to their experiments, and perhaps his psyche, if he knew what happened to his creators, plus it gave them a blank slate with which to work, it wasn't like when Data was discovered. Data simply had to be turned on and he was practically ready to go out of the box. Elric was brand new and didn't come with an instruction manual or the ability to even know what they were talking about. He was given a name, despite being offline and unresponsive. The small cybernetics team named him Elric and set about working on him, repairing burnt out connections and analyzing the mesh of alien and Starfleet technology. When they finally had everything repaired and mapped, the android disappeared from their laboratory one night. Questions regarding him were rejected, and anyone attempting to find out either suddenly suffered an accident or a transfer.

Elric was taken to a new laboratory, a dark and gloomy place that looked like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft novel. He was finally brought online, and during a time in his life when he needed nurturing and teaching, instead he was subjected to the cold, clinical hands of the engineers. His first memories were being strapped into a large metal arm chair, his access panels opened and connected to wires and cables, connecting him to a computer mainframe. Information flooded into and out of his memory banks, pushing the limits of his hybrid brain.

Their experiments started with a remote controlled hover sphere, keeping him connected to the computer so that he could control the sphere and move it about the room. The application would be a remotely controlled probe that could relay information back through Elric and to the viewscreen for those missions where sending an away team might be too difficult. Day and night he was put through trials and experiments, pushing his interface technology to the edge and back. Hovering sphere probes led to shuttlecraft operation, rigging the interface to allow him to operate a shuttle around the station on which they were located. It was draining and frustrating for the android, who could barely master the concept of walking, and here he was being treated like a lab rat.

More tinkering was performed, the interface capability increasing by leaps and bounds. Eventually Elric was hooked up to a more sophisticated craft, a small fighter. If Elric could pilot a fighter, it would eliminate the need for manned fighters to lose their lives in battle. The grueling tasks were taking its toll on the young android, and soon he was beginning to refuse to interface. He didn't want to go through the disorientation and the stress it put on his systems. It took a bit of memory manipulating, refitting and more restraints to get him into the initial trials with the fighter craft. After some coercing, he was able to maneuver a fighter with intricate precision, operate the weapons and other systems. It wasn't until they started introducing other fighters into the equation that it all started going wrong. The fighters had their weapons simulated, but the fighter connected to Elric would register real damage. It would put his skills to the test and open up a whole new world of possibilities for a ship AI system. It was all still highly experimental and theoretical.

Elric would have none of it, though. He did a lot of reading during his down time, and determined that the only way he could get away from this life was to join the very organization that first rescued him then put him into an even worse situation than he was in before. Using the android rights ruling that Lieutenant Commander Data pioneered, he was able to apply to the Academy and was accepted. They either knew he was planning to apply and accepted him just to see what he would do, or he was truly left to his own devices. The latter seemed unlikely, as he was technically constructed from Starfleet property, by Starfleet officers, therefore technically making him the property of Starfleet. With many secrets still to be uncovered, letting Elric think that he was living his own life by his own terms was perhaps the best way to reveal the information hidden deep down in his memory banks, encrypted and inaccessible to even himself. Time would perhaps unveil what happened to the USS Engel and shed some light on the aliens that managed to design a functional android.

Basic Concept in a Nutshell:

Elric is an android created by captive Starfleet officers intended to be used for infiltration and information gathering purposes. Their motivations weren't entirely clear, but on the surface, that is what it appears. He is taken over by the alien captors, turning him against the officers that built him, then connected him to their computer. However, they didn't spend enough time with him to test this theory, and after having him kill his creators, the protocols instilled in him by Maria and P'ato initiated a routine to shut him down. Because he was connected to the computers, it shut down life support and the aliens died due to their own ignorance. Starfleet found the ship decloaked and investigated the train wreck of technology and discovered all the nastiness within. Because he was the only witness to what was going on here, Elric was taken back to Starfleet and guarded closely, experimented upon and put through grueling tests. Irritated with such treatment, Elric found a loophole using Android Rights and joined Starfleet, or so he thought. He joined Starfleet but only because they let him do so, allowing him to believe he was acting under his own free will, when they've been pulling the strings in the background.

Personality: The product of alien and Federation technology, Elric's full abilities has yet to be uncovered. His emotion subroutines seem to be heavily limited at this point in his development, making him difficult to predict at times. He is unaware of his origins only that his given name was Errol, and Elric was the name given to him by the cyberneticists that took over his care. His curiosity is insatiable, yet he seems to show little interest in most social activities. Because of his status as an artificial life form and one of the few functional androids, he is to report to Starfleet Engineering once a week to report on his developmental progress.

Personality Details:
- Likes music
- Has absolutely no sense of fashion
- Seems to prefer spicy food if he does eat, though he doesn't particularly distinguish hot from cold tastes
- Has no particular interest in being Human, as he finds himself superior, but wants to appear more organic and understand the emotional aspects of organic beings.
- Has an aversion to spiders thanks to some downloaded memories
- Tends to be somewhat opposing toward authority figures, but not disrespectfully so. He'll grow out of it.
- Finds entertainment in playing the drums
- While he isn't intentionally rude, can be slightly insulting when speaking to others
- Doesn't always consider himself as a sentient being, occasionally referring to himself as nothing more than a walking toaster, but will become indignant if someone else refers to him as such.

Technical info:

Height: 5'0
Weight: 152.12lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey or cyan
Skin Color: Alabaster with brown spots
General Appearance: Appears to resemble a cross between a Vulcan, Bajoran, Trill and Betazoid.

Main Processing Unit: His brain is a unique composite system based on Asimov's Positronic brain, but only in configuration. Elric's brain is alien in design, built by captive Starfleet officers. The schematics found within Elric's databanks refer to the system as Molapitenmeh-salegelayut'dedobet'ecir., which really doesn't give much detail into the origins of the design. It has an equal amount of advantages and disadvantages when compared to a pure Positronic system. Elric's system can hold twice the information and process it more quickly and efficiently, however it is susceptible to disruption due to power surges. He also contains a redundant storage system, storing information in his main cranial engrams, but he is also able to store information on auxiliary engrams located in his right forearm, which reduces the size and strength of his axial servo, creating a more significant power drain to use it.

Memory capacity: 800 petabytes

Subprocessor: Non Positronic

Phase Discriminator: variable Type LR/Type 7

Decompiler: Alien - unknown variant

Physical Characteristics: Elric's frame is slightly more susceptible to damage due to the lack of materials during his construction. He contains a circulatory system which serves as a source of lubrication, and also as a anti-freeze/coolant system to regulate his core temperature which is normally kept at 127 degrees. Because of his smaller size, the lubricant conduits are closer to the surface of his bioplast skin, and more susceptible to rupture if the limb takes damage. His skeletal structure is also more lightweight, yet still durable, just not to the extent of the Soong-type design, which is currently the only source of comparison for the physical construction of the body. As materials were scarce, it was necessary to replace some of the elements with other materials, and reduce the overall amount used.

Body Composition based on various noted designs:

1kg biopolymer sheeting (synthetic skin)
10kg tripolymer composites
8kg molybendum-cobalt
40kg pollyalloy skeletal structure (cortenide, titanium and duranium)
10kg Unknown Materials


Lifting Capacity: 1 ton pushing, 1/2 ton lifting
Parabolic Vision

Other Details:

- Can grow his hair if it is cut or removed. He cannot grow a beard, however.
- He can be artificially affected by alcohol through a series of intricate subroutines designed as an alert system should any harmful substances enter his systems.
- Programming does not allow for the use of contractions in general speech, only when repeating from recorded files.
- Lacks the density to float, but can use stored air capsules to become somewhat buoyant and act as a short term oxygen source for anyone stuck underwater with him.

Unknown Details:

- Cables contained within his forearm are capable of interfacing with almost any type of ship, providing him with a connection to the databanks, where he can download or access files.

- The memories of his origins are locked to him and cannot be accessed without the use of a password that is contained within Elric's memory banks but he's unaware of it himself.

- Semi Known Detail - Elric can interface with ship computer systems and take temporary remote control of some systems. This practice is difficult, and extremely dangerous and draining. The threat of neural net overload is extremely high, and concentration must not be broken or else he could become lost in the computer.

- Some memories should probably not be made accessible to Elric due to the violent actions he was forced to perform while under the control of the aliens. He would most likely shut down due to the conflict, and the knowledge that it was by his hands that his creators were killed would irreparably damage his psyche.

Emotion Chip: By design, Elric's emotion chip is much more efficiently programmed and sophisticated, but due to his lack of experience, is only partially functional. At the time of his activation, Elric can experience pain, a way for his systems to tell him he's sustained damage. The chip is designed to become more active over time, giving Elric the illusion of 'growing up' or developing. This also ensures that his systems have time to adapt, and not overwhelm or overload his neural net.

Power Cells: Elric's power cells are the weakest part of his design. The overall power source is capable of running for several centuries, but due to a design flaw his main power source also fuels six redundant power cells that in turn are meant to power his main cell if something should happen. The redundancy was not wired correctly and, as a result, Elric will periodically suffer from fatigue, a response with the emulation of being 'sleepy' which will inform him that he needs to power down and replenish his power supply. His interface technology allows him to 'jack in' to the ship or station's computer and tap power through a shielded cable stored in his left forearm.

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