Lt Colonel Patrick Devine


Species: Human
Age: 39
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Date of Birth: IC: 2340 <RL: 1970>
Place of Birth: Washington State Earth
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Position: Commanding Officer USS Indomitable
Marital Status: Divorced
Affiliation: Starfleet Marine Corps
Patrick Devine is a Special Operations Pilot in Command of a the USS Indomitable NCC-27315 a Spec Ops forward deployment platform

A youthful Caucasian Human male who's light complexion is ruddy in some place. He is of medium height and has a relatively athletic build. His facial features are moderate and rather unremarkable. His ruddy colored skin has pale highlights, and his lips are usually a thin emotionless line-even when expressing a smile or a frown. His eyes are seemingly pupiless pools of emotion, expressing his pleasure or displeasure in lieu of the rest of his face. Movements impart a sense of disciplined and trained style with both fluid smoothness and energetic emphasis. His blond hair is cropped thin and fuzz short. His green eyes twinkle with childlike mischief but the rest of his face speaks of deadly intent. He has broad shoulders and a thin waist.

He wears an synthetic mixed fabric black commando sweater over a crisp gray mock turtle neck shirt. He wears ripstop fabric black BDU pants bloused over immaculately shined combat boots. He has a Starfleet Marine Corps compin pinned on his left chest and a black name pin with white lettering that reads "DEVINE" pinned to his right chest. On his head he wears a black SFMC Beret. A blacked nylex tactical holster is strapped to his right leg. In it rests a M-45 Special Operations Assault Phaser.

==IC History==
My interest in the Starfleet Marine Corps started when a veteran came to speak at my high school. My family was mostly Starfleet so my interest was discouraged. I turned down a scholarship at Stanford and refused to apply to Starfleet Academy. I rebelled. I enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps. I first started as an infantryman. I quickly progressed to Forward Observer then Forward Air Controller. I made Sergeant and applied for flight school. I became a pilot.Then I applied for OTS. After I was commissioned I assessed through SFA command school. I became Armored Cavalry Recon qualified. I also qualified as a Combat Engineer. However throughout all this … Special Operations remained my focus and first love. After extensive training I became a Special Operations Team Leader. After a few tours I was assigned to a team group then a wing then amazingly given command of a Nimitz carrier variant version of a Macpherson Heavy Transport, the USS Indomitable.

==RL History==
I was baptized Catholic in an Irish Catholic family. My mother and father divorced when I was five after my father tried to shove my mother through a crack in the wall. (he was an alcoholic) My mother married in the church four years later and a year after that I started parochrial school (it was non-denominational christian not catholic) At 17 I was confirmed in the Catholic church although I had reservations (my education flew in the face of my upbringing). At 18 however I went on a missionary trip to Europe as Christian. God showed me three things in Europe.
1. I was wasting my time as a missionary, I was meant to be in the military.
2. What penises were for (although I'd remain a virgin for another two years).
3. And that ALL Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholics.
After I returned to the states I started going to mass again and joined the United States Marine Corps. In Dec 1991 I did an interservice transfer to the US Army and I got married to a Christian and stopped going to mass. In May 1992 my daughter was born (do the math ….!).
In 1994 I got divorced, my second child died, my dad died, and I was in two car wrecks. I stopped going to church altogether. In 1995 I started dating an exotic dancer who was a pagan.In 1996 I went crazy (Bipolar Hypermanic-NOS with OCD and sociopathic symptomology on top of PTSD) my fiance' (the dancer) left me. In 1998 after a protracted battle I was forced onto the Temporary Duty Retired List. In 2000 after numerous hospitalizations I was forced into medical retirement. In May 2001 I mysteriously had a stroke while driving home from a late night RP session. I drove three more miles to a phone. I wasn't able to move, poop, or talk. I'm 80% recovered in 2004. Something weird happened though as I lay in the hospital. I was visited by friends and family but — this the kicker — God's presence kept me from freaking the hell out. Lisa Simpson once was quoted quoting someone else who said "Prayer is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
*2009 update: I now do Aikido twice a week. I went from 370lbs and almost dead to 205lbs and very alive. God is a major part of my life now.
Ask those who know me as Teech, I'm a scoundrel … but I pray.

===Positions held===
*Forward Air Controller
*Spec Ops Pilot/ACAG USS Pinguin
*CO USS Indomitable

Life is like a battle. It involves alot of things operating in sync for everything to go smoothly. Something small that is out place at the wrong moment can disrupt the whole process. War is like life but you have opponent trying to knock things out of sync on purpose while you are trying to kill them. Life in the military is the best destiny anyone can hope for. Life in a well run unit is joy. Life in a well run unit that you are responsible for is a glorious joy.


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