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The Medusans are a Federation member race that rarely sees contact with other species due to the extraordinary measures necessary to protect others from their simple appearance.


No off-worlders have visited their home world except for the initial unmanned contact probes. However, a number of Medusans have elected to travel beyond their world and thus the galaxy has some inkling of their society. Rated among the highest tested intelligences, the Medusans embrace science and logic much like the Vulcans do. This is not to say that the Medusans are emotionless. On the contrary, the Medusan emotion of awe of both discovery and beauty is perhaps their most endearing trait. Their intellects appreciate the elegance of quantum physics and the expression of the various forms of art. Coincidentally, after scientific information the largest import to their homeworld is artwork. The Medusans have found occupations as scientists, navigators, mathematicians, and also ambassadors (although the latter is somewhat rare due to the Medusan physiology). A great majority are pacifists to a certain extent: the concept of warfare is not a natural one, the Medusans never had to compete over limited resources on their world.

It is with great regret that the Medusans realize they cannot freely interact with other races, as their mere appearance drives many to insanity. As such, the Medusans have adopted a strict code that expatriate Medusans abide by: do what they can to protect the sanity of others from themselves.


The Medusans hail from a class-C planet layered with dense clouds of carbon dioxide that trap heat from the world's nearby stars, sending the surface temperatures soaring to over 750 Kelvin (475 degrees Celsius) and pressures of 90 Terran atmospheres - beyond what most carbon-based
lifeforms can withstand. It is within this harsh and electromagnetically-charged atmosphere that the Medusans evolved in. The Medusans are a race of highly intelligent noncorporeal lifeforms that are composed of electromagnetic energies that resonate in various mediums of gas and liquid. Medusans can move up to the speed of sound through such mediums, although extreme care is necessary to avoid losing their cohesiveness at any high speed. Their energies weaken over the more particles they use. In mediums that are solids the molecular bonds prevent the Medusan energies from resonating properly, thus the Medusans cannot pass through walls or other solid constructs. The physical appearance of these harmonic energies overwhelms all but the highly advanced minds into insanity.

An injured Medusan can only be healed by a return to her natural environment with plenty of thermal energy in the atmosphere to absorb.


Special red lenses can filter out the dangerous frequencies, and the Federation has made Medusan Armored Shield Containers available for traveling Medusans - an antigravity box with manipulators that allows Medusans to travel among other sentient lifeforms without fear of inducing mass insanity. Eye shields with the red lenses greatly lower the risk of insanity when worn.


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