Mh 600l

MH-600L Special Operations shuttle
Crew: 2 (Pilot, Systems Ofc)
Armor Rating: 5
Force Field Rating: 5
Deflector Shield Rating: 3
Airframe Durability: 6
Agility Factor: 5
Acceleration Factor: 5
Endurance: 12hrs @ std cruise
Sensor Level: 6
Computer Level: 5
Offensive Systems
1 - Twin Mk/6 Pulse Phasers, turret mounted
3 - Forward Arc Mk/7.5 Light Phaser Beam arrays
1 - Aft Arc Mk/7.5 Light Phaser Beam Array
Internal Hardpoints: None
External Hardpoints: None
Defensive Systems
ECM Capability: 6
Flare Packs: 12
Chaff Packs: 12
Decoys: 2

The primary mission of the MH-600L is to conduct overt or covert infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces across a wide range of environmental conditions. An armed version, the Direct Action Penetrator (DAP), has the primary mission of armed escort and fire support. Secondary missions of the MH-600L include external load, CSAR and MEDEVAC operations. The MH-600L is capable of operating from fixed base facilities, remote sites, or Space vessels.

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