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This is the microwave help/news/primer version. Pop it in, and eat. Seriously, reading this file will give you a few basic commands and some contact people that will make navigating your way around STRANGE NEW WORLDS much easier.

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Here are some basic communication commands for you to contact the people you'll need to get started. For more information, check the help files by typing "help <topic>".

Paging: Sends a private message to who is paged. Syntax is "page <name or alias>=<message> or p <name or alias>=<message>.

Channels: These are mass communication (OOC of course) channels which allow you to speak with one or more people at a time. There is a list of channels in NEWS CHANNELS. It does NOT include private channels created by players. Help can be obtained by typing "Help @channel" and/or "help @chat". Too add a channel type "@chan/on <channel name>. To speak on a channel type "@chat <channel name or abbreviation>=<message" or "=<shannel name or abbreviation> <message>. When you log on you are automatically added to channel SNW. It is suggested that you leave this channel on, but not required.

Descriptions: This allows you to write what something or someone looks like. Type "@desc <thing or person or me or here>=<description>".

Information services: We have an SNW-wide "finger" command here. To get basic info on a player type "+id <player name>" There is also +ws that can be used either OOC or IC and give brief player info.

Building Rooms: Info available in "help bguide", "help building", "help &-building" and "help shipbuilding". Also info is available in "News building". You MUST have a builder bit to build a room.

Making an Object: Info available in "help @create".

OOC: Out of Character. It basically means whatever happens has NOTHING to do with your character, someone else's character, or the game. Anything that happens while you are OOC, or any information that is obtained while you are OOC or in any OOC manner may NOT be used IC.

IC: Sometimes called RP, or In Character. This term basically means you are "playing" the game. You MUST be set IC to play. We have an OOC Village set up for those who prefer to just meet and chat with friends.

Powers: Powers (sometimes called @powers) are not available to most players here. They are strictly OOC, and are given on an as needed basis.

Help Commands: STRANGE NEW WORLDS has various help files, and they keep growing daily. You can access the main file by typing "Help", or a subfile by typing "help <topic>".

News Commands: There's also a lot of information in the news files, which you can get to by typing "news".

Misc Info: If you're new to MUDs in general, you may want to read the MUD FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). You can read them at If you're new to RolePlaying (RPing) on MUDs, check out this well-written document as well:


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