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Unlike other empires, the Orion Syndicate is a decentralized coalition of mini-empires called "cartels", or "kali'ma" in the Orion language. These cartels are generally free to do what they please, when they please, why they please, so long as they adhere to some basic guidelines vis a vis the commonwealth of all Orion.


Many regard the Orion people as a cutthroat band of lying pirates and slavers. The Orions certainly can't deny that some Orions take part in such activities: however, one should review the history of the Orions in order to understand them today. Historical records indicate that the original Orions, hailing from the Rigel system, frequented the role of pirate and slaver. Indeed, Vulcan itself appears to have ventured into space after warring with reputed Orion pirates who 'came in peace' before killing half and holding the other half of the Vulcan clan leaders for ransom. Over the millennia hundreds, if not thousands, of primitive civilizations have been ransacked by the Orions to be enslaved and looted. Many are unrecorded. How did the Orions gain star flight technology, and why did they proceed to ruthlessly loot helpless planets? Such questions are, unfortunately, unanswerable - only the usual barroom folk lore gives glimpses of such a faraway time - due again to the lack of records.

Some theorize star flight technology was sold to the Orions, others suspect they gleamed it from a spacecraft that crashed on their home world. It is hard to say. But a space faring civilization maintains its roots: as the Federation centered around Terra, the Klingons, and the Rihannsu have all demonstrated. The Rigellian Orions' way of life in all likelihood was one of political maneuvering and gambits coupled with outright use of force to take what they wished. For when they appeared on the galactic scene, that is what they did.

As time passed and the present-day spheres of influence of the Federation, Klingon, Rihannsu, and Gorn were established, the Orions found themselves in a prime position to act as traders. The Rigellian system formed the mainstay of several trade routes. From the countless years of piracy and slaving, the 'pure' Rigellian bloodlines had long since muddled. 'The Orions' no longer referred to those of Rigellian descent, but to those who claimed a home on the Orion-controlled worlds of Rigel and Arcturus. As galactic trade began to flourish some Orions embraced the idea of entrepreneur ship.

No longer a 'forbidden' space filled with pirates, the Orion sphere grew more stable and relatively safe compared to earlier. But the Rigellian themes and language remained. The Kali'mae, the group of clans or cartels, still reigned over their respective worlds. The Kali'mae, in turn, were directed by the ves'Kharunos or 'High Lord'. There have been periods of strong ves'Kharunoi and weak periods, where the Kali'mae dominated. Most agree that An'na'Delilah was a particularly strong ves'Kharuna, more so than any can recall from memory alone. When the Orion worlds were absorbed by the United Federation of Planets, Orion space was relatively quiet. Mostly a band of traders, there were of course a few Orions of the Rigellian ways: piracy and enslaving were still carried outbut such seem to be the exception - contrary to Federation public opinion. But under Federation rule old feelings began to surface. Regarded by many to be 'third-rate' members of the Federation, they were treated as such. Incidents of unrest began to appear among the Orion worlds. By this time Duthul and Etosha, also part of the Federation, boasted a considerable percentage of immigrated Orions. As the Federation's government grew corrupted from within, treatment of the Orion member worlds deteriorated. The very nature of the Orion people was ingrained with fierce independence and pride… the wish to secede
from the Federation was not shocking.

The military coup by former Starfleet officer An'na'Delilah provided the necessary spark needed to ignite the undercurrents of rebellion that had been stirring among the Orion worlds for some time. Charismatic, honorable, and endowed with a forceful will, High Lord Delilah single-handedly united the Kali'mae with an inconceivable strength. The Orion Defense Force was created virtually overnight, the Orion citizens nearly unanimous in favor of leaving the oppressive Federation. By the time the Federation had opened its eyes towards the Orion worlds, Delilah had built up too much inertia. Pride in their diverse natures and of the Rigellian ties spread throughout the impassioned people. The Orion-Klingon war brought about the return of the 'old' Rigellian ways as a necessity for mere survival. The underdogs in the conflict, the Orions resorted to raiding Federation and Klingon trade routes for supplies while running the Klingon blockade that threatened their very existence. Smuggling became an occupation the Orions fit right in with to raise funds and deliver supplies. Work slaves became a necessity for the war effort. And when the Gorn joined the Orions in repelling the Klingons, a few short years later the Orions abruptly found themselves independent. Well, mostly independent: it took newly-elected President Rhessa of the Federation to make it official.

But the Orion-Klingon war had brought back much of the Rigellian tendencies the Orion people had set aside: those who had risen to power and/or riches during the war desired to keep it. The Kali'mae grow again, the various Orions beginning to splinter from each other. Piracy, slave-trading, smuggling, and even mercenaries of war-hardened veterans propagate once more while the Rigellian political maneuvering coupled with force if need be to achieve aims does too. The honest trading Orions still linger, of course, but they receive little publicity as to be expected. The Orion of today still cannot be stereotyped: Andorian, Klingon, Human, Tellarite, Orion, and more can all be found in Orion space. From the wastes of Etosha to the dark underground of entertainment on Arcturus to the open skies and lands of the Rigel system the Orions span. Haggling their trades, getting the most of what they can (sometimes by whatever means necessary)… these are the Orions of the present.


There is a central Orion government, the Orion Crown, headed by the High Lord. It maintains a Navy, Royal Guard, and coordinates foreign policy and trade to some extent. The Crown is different from other empires though, in that it is almost inconceivable it would act offensively (invade another empire) as a united front. Its main duties are to safeguard the Orion way of life, which is to protect Orion neutrality and independence, defend Orion space and Orion planets, and generally allow the kali'mae to flourish.

It is important for admin and IC leaders to grasp this nuance. Yes, there is a central Orion government, and it does interact with other empires. It however, does not practice piracy, or much of anything that is liable to jeopardize Orion neutrality. It turns a blind eye to the illegal activities of the kali'mae, protects them when it can, and in general, will keep other empires from harassing the Orion worlds. This will often lead to border skirmishes between the Crown and other empires, such as when an empire chooses to pursue a pirate into Orion space or land on an Orion world.


The crown has a responsibility to all Orions, and Orions have a responsibility to other Orions. If a pirate is caught, she is expected to suicide, if possible destroying her vessel, making it easier for the kali'ma to wriggle off the hook, and maintaining the precious Orion neutrality. The Orion Crown Court as well as diplomacy, and other empire's legal systems can often be utilized to a pirates advantage by the Crown, but the Crown must always appear above reproach, and must never be implicated in any illegal activities. This could mean that even if a pirate makes it home safely, that if by some means or another, it can be proven that she committed a crime, it might be required that she pay the price for her crimes - the most convenient price being a dagger through her own breast.

Why is this such a strict requirement? Because the foundation of Orion heritage and culture is that Orion, through the actions of the restored crown, remain neutral, interacting with every empire, so that our merchants and traders can make a living.

Sometimes a kali'ma or player will screw up bad, implicating the Orion Crown, and not doing what is her duty – committing suicide so that the Crown won't be blamed. It is not unusual for the Crown and other Kali'mae, even the player's own Kali'ma, to turn their backs on the player who is not living up to their obligations to Orion. If need be, the crown might very well hang the traitorous kali'ma out to dry, and allow the offended empire to punish that kali'ma.

The crime in that case, is not that the kali'ma or player committed piracy, but that it allowed its acts to put a stain on the reputation of the Orion Syndicate. A player who doesn't live up to this ancient Orion code, will quickly find herself without friends. A kali'ma that doesn't live up to it, will quickly find itself destroyed.

It must be remembered that the single most important guideline kali'mae have to live with is that they should never take an action which will implicate the Orion Crown, the ves Kharuna, or another kali'ma by committing an overt act (of stupidity). Thus, in instances where Orions practicing the traditional craft of piracy are about to be caught, they would suicide, often destroying their craft so as to eliminate evidence.

Among the traditional occupations of the various kali'mae sexual and otherwise, are piracy, merchant trading, mercenary work, slavery, sexual and otherwise, and technological engineering and production for consumer end products. Orions are among the most resourceful, entrepreneurial, and successful businesspeople the galaxy has ever seen. Many, if not most Orions today make their livings in what the Federation would term "reputable trades, such as merchant activities.


Orion Kali'mae or Cartels are the foundation of the Orion Syndicate. They may be anywhere from small one ship operations that have no set home or that of a large scaled organization that has many ships and is into various activities from pirating to honest trading. The Orion Kali'ma must always maintain the neutrality of the Orion Crown when doing their activities.


Orion Syndicate

Within the Orion Alliance is the /UNAMED/ Kali'ma. It exceeds Kali'ma Delilah in it's wealth.
How can this be you ask? Because the Syndicate is the worst part of Orion Life. If an Orion is accused of Piracy you can bet
the Syndicate was involved somehow. If an Orion is caught smuggling it is almost guaranteed he was doing it for the Syndicate.
The Syndicate is faceless and nameless and could be anywhere or EVERYWHERE. Prosecuting the Syndicate is impossible and
punishing the Alliance for the misdeeds of a criminal organization it itself stands against is pointless and as the Alliance takes a
Neutral stance on Galactic Politics it's like punishing Switzerland for Germany's War crimes.

++Ruling Powers

Ruling Ranks

The Orion Government is ruled by a Cep'qua or Empress who is more of a religious figure than a political one.
They are ALWAYS directly related to Anna'Delilah. Where as she has no political power she holds the deeds to
ALL ORION planets and appointments or succesions of new Runi must be approved by her.
ves Khar'unos
Below the Cep'qua is the ves Kha'runos or High Lord who is the actual central political figure in the Orion Alliance.
Whereas the ves Kha'runos has no votes in the Kali'ma Council, which is the body politic of PLANTERY puling cartel
Lords, they hold a single veto which can negate any edict passed by the Kali'ma Council and they are the primary
voice of control in Orion financial matters of State.
Next in the change of command is the Ak'thiar or President. The Ak'thiar presides over the Kali'ma Council and
calls it to order and dismisses it. He is empowered to call a meeting at any point he cares to. If the entire council
is not gathered in one day's time (IC time. 8 hours RL.) he is authorized to appoint ANY proxy he sees fit to vote for
the missing members. With this in mind many cartels keep proxies on call in Ori'Anduriel the Capital City of Rigel VIII
which is the capital world of the Orion Alliance.
ves Zh'eiek
Next comes the ves Zh'eiek which litterally translates in High Admiral but in practice he is the Defense Minister and in
Command of all Orion Armed Forces except the Royal Guard. This includes the Orion Defense Force Navy, the ODF Army, and
the ODF Elite Jump Fusiliers regiments.
Now we progress to the most seniors of the paper pushers: the Qu'mufti or Ministers. Qu'mufti's have almost ABSOLUTE authority
in their ministerial Branches. There is the Qu'mufti of Finance, the Qu'mufti of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence (who
consequential controls a less well know and respected Intelligence Agency than the Tal'shiar but those that know them fear them
like the sudden exposure to the vacuum of space … normally you know you are safe … but if something goes wrong … you are
screwed.), there is the Minister of Public Health and Welfare (read as Chief of Secret Police), and there is the Minister of
Agriculture (just what it sounds like … except he'd monitor the growth, refinement, and export by nefarios means of narcotics
… if such a thing existed).
FINALLY we discuss the all important Kali'ma (cartel) lords. Some Kali'mae have planets they are based off of and have votes on
the Kali'ma Council. Other Kali'mae are solely based on ships and have no votes. All Kali'ma start off with either a light cargo
ship and a light warship, or a medium cargo In short the Admiral of ALL Orion ALLIANCE Naval forces.or a medium warship, or an
*Orion merchant/frigate*(<=== Hint Hint)
Guild Leaders. Sounds simple right? WRONG! Orions have Guilds for EVERYTHING and a Guild House on EVERY Orion Planet. With a Guild
House comes a Guild Leader. *Just a warning* DO NOT piss off a Guild Leader. Your fuel tanks might get filled with unrecycled
waste water or your cargo might disappear or your bank account might suddenly be negative $2 million. The only thing NOT guild is
the military.
Clan Chiefs the Foremen or Forewomen of your subordinates. Very simply they perform weddings and bless babies.

Military Ranks

ves Zh'eiek
ves Zh'eiek or simply put: The Fleet Admiral. He commands ALMOST all of Orion military forces.
In short the Admiral of ALL Orion ALLIANCE Naval forces.
ves Kh'ubli
In short the General of ALL Orion ALLIANCE Ground forces. Fills in for ves Zh'eiek in case of vZ death until new vZ appoinment.
ves Zodin
In Federation Standard: Commodore. In actual practice: Commander of a Naval Task Force.
Translates to: Brigadier General. Actually can command anything from a brigade to a divion.
AT LAST! A meat and potatoes rank! This is a Ship Captain in the ODF Navy.
xa Kh'ubli
THE HIGHEST ranking ground officer to see actual combat! The Colonel. Can command from a Regiment to a Brigade.
xa Zodin
Translation: Commander. Commands Light ships or XO's bigger ones.
ves Ubli
If you wear this rank, you are still young enough to be a bad ass and wise enough to know when and where to apply it.
ves Q'aados
Lowest of the command ranks. Translates to Lt Commander.
Major. Still high enough to command a Company or a Light Battalion but most often is in a staff job.
Basically a Railroad Track Naval Lieutenant (except Orion's use a mishapen H symbol). This is the first rank you will probably be considered
as a Department Chief at.
xa Ubli
Basically a Railroad Track Ground Force Captain (except Orion's use a mishapen H symbol). You will most likely be a company commander
or a liason officer.
xa Q'aados
Basically Lieutenant JG. You've been promted, ACT LIKE IT.
ves Odin
Basically First Lieutenant. You've been promted, ACT LIKE IT.
In short you are an Ensign. No one expects much from you.
In short you are a 2nd Lieutenant. No one expects much from you.


The Orion Defense Force.
Consists of the Ships of the Central Orion Government and Kali'ma Delilah based off of Rigel 8 and all planetary Kali'ma's warships
are reserves, plus the Orion Standing Army, and four Regiments of Elite Fusillier Jump Infantry.

Orion Royal Guard

Consists of an Elite Heavy Division who has the sole purpose of guarding the Cep'qua and enforcing her will. Usually commanded by
her eldest daughter


Government Ranks

Orion Rank UFP Term
ves Kharuna(f)/ves Kharunos(m) High Lord
Ak'thiar President
ves Zh'eiek Fleet Admiral
Qu'mufti Gov Minister
Runa (f)/Runos (m) Cartel Lord
Xipa (f)/Xipos (m) Guild Leader
M'ahari (f)/M'araros (m) Clan Chief

Space Ranks

UFP Term Royal Navy Privateer Merchants Privateer Forces
Fleet Admiral ves Zh'eiek N/A N/A
Admiral Zh'eiek N/A N/A
Commodore ves Zodin N/A N/A
Captain Zodin Mudoro Ubli'aa
Commander xa Zodin xa Mudoro xa Ubli'aa
Lt Commander ves Q'aados ves Z'Afti ves Odin'aa
Lieutenant Q'aados Afti Odin'aa
Lt JG xa Q'aados xa Z'Afti xa Odin'aa
Ensign R'oghe Y'omn Ily'aa

Land Ranks

UFP Term Orion Rank
General ves Kh'ubli
Brigadier General Kh'ubli
Colonel xa Kh'ubli
Lieutenant Colonel ves Ubli
Major Ubli
Captain xa Ubli
1st Lieutenant ves Odin
2nd Lieutenant Odin


Color Description
Grey This in the old Orion society can be considered the ruling class.
Golden Orange This in the old Orion society can be considered the educated/scientific class.
Yellow This in the old Orion society can be considered the semi-educated class that mans ship consoles and other medium education jobs.
Green This is the Orion slave class.
Other Colors This in the old Orion society can be considered the uneducated worker classes.
Sex Description
Females Orion Females unlike the males look similar to Human females. There skin can be the following colors, Golden Orange, Grey, Yellow, close to a Caucasian skin color. Of the Female Orions is the Green skinned woman (the Slave class of the OA), they have long sharp claws and usually are more dexterous then the other Orions.
Males Orion Males like there female counterparts can be considered handsome by Terran standards. The skin colors are the same as the females with the exception that Green males are extremely rare.
Features Description
Face (men) Flawless skin. Three very small ridges on each side of the forehead running in a v type pattern. Hair is full somewhat thick and usually dark. The rest of the face is almost uniformly handsome if not slightly boyish racially.
Body The rest of the Orion physique is the same as that of a human in outward appearances.
Misc Description
Other Notes For SNW the race of Orions that have inhabited the world of Arcturus can have a slightly white hue to there skin color if they so choose.


But still present, amongst the shadows of Orion culture, lies the traditional Orion slave and pirate guilds. Why do these seemingly barbaric practices still exist in the Orion Syndicate? Because one of the main duties the ves Kharuna has is to be the guardian of Orion culture and our heritage. The Crown is obligated by tradition to protect these traditional occupations, as long as those that practice them continue to keep in mind what might be called the Orions Prime directive - "never implicate the
crown or another kali'ma". Orions do practice sexual slavery, and brutal piracy.

No one should be forced into playing in one of these situations. Always give them an out before starting such a scenario. It's sick to require someone to do this, so don't. Remember, always get their consent beforehand.


Until the first reign of An'na'Delilah, women in the Orion Syndicate had no rights. They were sex slaves, work slaves, property to be bartered and sold. That all changed with the revolution she led, and today, while many Orion women still choose the traditional way of life, many are rising to the highest ranks of the Alliance. The difference is, it is now a choice, not law.


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