Pathfinder Scouts

Pathfinder Powered Infantry Scout Suit
The Pathfinder is built for speed; it is lightly armored and has few
weapons (it doesn’t even have inboard forearm stations). Instead,
it is packed with sensors, targeting, navigational and fire control
systems, and other forward-area recon systems. However, if need
arises for scouts to fight, a 5mm EMPW and four SIMs can be
swapped with the scouting gear listed below.
Standard Powered Infantry Scout ordnance load-out:
Dominant Hand
Top forearm station: SM-134A1 combat phaser
Outboard forearm station: TDRS-44 target designating system
Inboard forearm station: TDRS-44 target designating system
Opposite Hand
Top forearm station: Force Recon Tricorder, suit-mounted
Outboard forearm station: TDRS-29 advanced target designation/
illumination system
Left Side of Suit
Outboard shoulder station (bottom): SQD-12 flare/chaff dispenser
Outboard shoulder station (top): EQW-801 Air Defense Sensor Suite
Top shoulder station: SM-344B LI missile launcher w/6 rounds mixed
Back: Reserve Charge Pack
Outboard thigh station: Field Medical Pack
Right Side of Suit
Outboard shoulder station (bottom): EQW-18 forward-deployable remote sensor beacon dispenser
Top shoulder station: EQW-28 Battlefield Surveillance Sys
Back: Field Pack
Outboard thigh station (right): Field Suit-Casualty Pack
Comparative Suit Capabilities: PAS-71A
Maximum Speed: 100kph for one hour
Maximum Vertical Leap: 35m
Average Endurance: 45 hours (with reserve pack)
Armor Rating/Sensor Rating: 3/9

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