Phoenix Riflemen

PRS-06 Phoenix Powered Infantry Rifleman Suit
The Phoenix is the new standard-issue PI suit in the SFMC. This
suit replaces the Phoenix that has been service for a number of
years. As a multi-proposes suit all PI troopers are now trained first
in this suit, with modifications depending on the unit. Weapons
loading is widely variable, as is sensor fitting. Fire team and squad
leaders typically have an upgraded battlefield surveillance system
and better communication (including a dedicated fire support
Standard Powered Infantry Rifleman ordnance load-out:
Dominant Hand
Top forearm station: SM-134A1 combat phaser
Outboard forearm station: SM-134 secondary emitter
Inboard forearm station: TDRS-44 target designation system
Opposite Hand
Top forearm station: Combat Tricorder, suit-mounted
Outboard forearm station: SP-628A2 5mm EMPW w/300 rounds
Inboard forearm station: SP-682 ammunition magazine
Left Side of Suit
Outboard shoulder station: SQD-12 flare/chaff dispenser
Top shoulder station: SM-344 LI missile launcher w/6 rounds mixed
Back station: SM-344 reloader w/6 rounds mixed
Outboard thigh station: Field Medical Pack
Right Side of Suit
Outboard shoulder station: SQD-14 flare/chaff dispenser
Top shoulder station: EQW-14 Battlefield Surveillance Sys
Back station: Field Pack
Outboard thigh station: Field Suit-Casualty Pack
Comparative Suit Capabilities: PRS-06
Maximum Speed: 75kph for one hour
Maximum Vertical Leap: 17.5m
Average Endurance: 22 hours
Armor Rating/Sensor Rating: 7/5

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