Real Space

This is a primer relating to real space conduct and IC/OOC rules therein. Please observe the rules and guidelines in this file to help make RS an enjoyable and essential part of the SNW experience.

Communications in real space must be limited to the communications commands placed on the consoles of each vessel and planet side. No IC communication can occur while in OOC mode over channels, pages, mail, etc. This rule is unbreakable and unbendable. Communications should be prefaced by a ship identification. Hailing channel is channel one and distress channel is channel nine. All empires and/or vessels should recognize this and should have a policy regarding responding to distress signals in their space and outside their space. Also, realize that all communications are not necessarily secure. Others may be listening in on your conversations.

Hostilities are the major point of tension in real space and one must recognize certain "rules" concerning hostile acts in real space. As general guidelines, these acts are NOT hostile acts in RS:

  • Scanning - Even frequent scans.
  • Cloaking/decloaking - By itself, this is not hostile.
  • Charged phasers
  • Armed photons
  • Raised shields - All of these are acceptable defense steps.
  • Annoying comms - Hot talk is just that. Talk. Unless someone declares hostilities explicitly over communications channels, it is not a hostile act.
  • Ignoring comms - Silence could be for many reasons. Non-responsive ships are not automatically hostile.

These acts are generally considered hostile acts:

  • Locking weapons.
  • Firing weapons.
  • Declaring hostilities explicitly with IC communications methods.
  • Entering enemy space. (This is at the discretion of each empire. Common courtesy would entail forgiving ships that brush against enemy space accidentally for a brief time.)

With this said, be sure you know NEWS ROE SPACE forward and backward. There is no rule in space that no one can fight or pillage without provocation. Some empires and ships might live by this; some might not. If you wish to keep from gaining a reputation in RS of underhanded deeds, follow these guidelines. Players are expected to follow ROE, those who don't will quickly learn there are consequences.


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