S 12 Gladiator

S-12 Gladiator
Crew: 2 (Pilot, Systems Ofc)
Armor Rating: 7
Force Field Rating: 5
Deflector Shield Rating: 3
Airframe Durability: 7
Agility Factor: 4
Acceleration Factor: 4
Endurance: 6hrs @ std cruise
Sensor Level: 3
Computer Level: 3
Offensive Systems
2 - Mk/6 Heavy Pulse Phasers, turret mounted
Internal Hardpoints: None
External Hardpoints: None
Defensive Systems
ECM Capability: 4
Flare Packs: 24
Chaff Packs: 24
Decoys: 0
The Gladiator is the primary drop ship for SFMC ground vehicles and mounted infantry. Well armored,
and equipped with a good selection of defensive countermeasures, the S-12 is able to weather enemy
fire and deliver it’s cargo to the combat area. Once there, it can rapidly deploy its cargo to either side of
the vehicle, while simultaneously providing heavy fire support with it’s turret. When carrying antigravity equipped
vehicles, the Gladiator can even release its cargo at altitude—providing the vehicles have the
power reserves for the deceleration. The Gladiator can also carry a fully-equipped platoon of dismounted
light infantry when rigged for personnel instead of equipment. A small number of MS-12 Gladiators are
available for SpecOps work for supporting larger insertions/extractions than the MS-10 can handle (which
are rare events indeed).

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