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Making SFA & SFMCA Training Meaningful

The Following is definately PG


We as fans in this fan club have taken it on ourselves to fill certain roles. We are Roleplaying!
'''Role-playing''' refers to the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act an adopted role. While the Oxford English Dictionary defines role-playing as "the changing of one's behavior to fulfill a social role",<ref name="oed">Definition of Role Playing from the Oxford English Dictionary. [http://www.askoxford.com/concise_oed/roleplaying?view=uk]</ref> the term is used more loosely in three senses:

  • To refer to the playing of roles generally such as in a theater, or educational setting;
  • To refer to a wide range of games including computer role-playing games, play-by-mail games and more;
  • To refer specifically to role-playing games.

Role-playing may also refer to role training where persons rehearse situations in preparation for a future performance and to improve their abilities within a role. The most common examples are occupational training roleplay simulation|role plays, educational roleplay simulation, and certain military wargames.

Historical re-enactment has been practiced by adults for millennia. The ancient Romans, Han Chinese, and medieval Europeans all enjoyed occasionally organizing events in which everyone pretended to be from an earlier age, and entertainment appears to have been the primary purpose of these activities. Within the 20th century historical reenactment has often been pursued as a hobby.

===Role-playing games===
A role-playing game is a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal role-playing game system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games.

Role-playing can also be done online in the form of group story creation, involving anywhere from two to several hundred people, utilising public forums, private message-boards, mailing lists, chat-rooms, and instant-messaging chat clients (e.g MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ) to build worlds and characters that may last a few hours, or several years. Message boards such as ProBoards and InvisionFree are popularly used for role-playing.
Typically, for medium and large groups of roleplayers, and large roleplays, the reverse is true, with interpersonal sub-plots taking a back-seat to story and setting development and action scenes, yet when it ''does'' occur, it is often (and in some cases expected to be) of a far less blatant nature.

There are different genres one can choose while role playing, including, but not limited to, fantasy, modern, medieval, steam punk, historical, etc. Books, movies or games can be, and often are, used as a basis for roleplays (which in such cases may be deemed "collaborative fan-fiction"), with players either assuming the roles of established canon characters or using those the players themselves create ("Original Characters") to replace - or exist along side - characters from the book, movie or game, playing through well-trodden plots as alternative characters, or expanding upon the setting and story outside of its established canon.

Now that we've defined roleplay, each unit needs to define where they fit.

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