Born into a comparatively rich Pakled colony on the Federation planet of Cestus, and the second child of Thotor, his father was a merchant of salvaged metals and refinished weapon products, Tauric was the son of bounty but he led no life of ease. The Colony was part of a group that left the Pakled and homeworld sought a home in the Federation. Cestus was close to border and the wild lands were perfect for the Pakleds. His father thought himself friend of the Colony Enclave Lord, and found himself very wealthy from trade and was appointed to be a Governor in the outer districts. Family life in the palisade was less than supportive and his mother, Sorilla, was cruel and abusive to her offspring as well as her servants. It was in his older sister's arms that the child Tauric mourned when the pair found their recently assassinated mother. This caused Tauric to become hard and disciplined. His father, far more committed to his Lord than his family, ensured that his offspring were well taken care of by supplying a vast horde of servants to care for them and to see to their every desire. It was from exposure to such a staff that Tauric learned personnel management and the fundamentals of leadership.

When Tauric was of age his father garnered him a slot in the Cestus Planetary Starfleet Prepatory Academy. During his 15th season his father was assassinated as well. Most people think Pakled's are stupid. It's quite the opposite. They just don't have to work very hard as they are incredibly lucky. Mostly good but sometimes grotesquely bad luck too. On the advice of his Sister he did the unthinkable. He applied for Starfleet Academy. He is of the belief that the Pakleds need to start contributing to the Federation and start being far less insular. The insular separatist 'mindset' in his belief led to the 'predatory piracy' of the past. He was accepted into Starfleet Academy and because of his previous training he was able to graduate in three years then advance on to specialized training. He specialized in Ground Combat Operations, specifically Sniper Operations, with a background in Security, Anti-Terrorist training, and Low Intensity Conflicts.
He has joined the First Starfleet Defense Fleet, specifically the RDF aspect.

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