Toe Outlay



The USS Indomitable is a Macpherson class Heavy Transport with a Nimitz Carrier pod
tasked as a Forward Positioning Platform for Spec Ops. It's essentially a Nebula carrier.
We'll have 75 Aircraft (25 Covert Insertion (MH-600L), 20 Armed Insertion (S-12 Gladiator) in our support wing and 10 Strike Aircraft-Specially Close Air (A-18 Firebolt), 10 mixed role Aircraft (F/A-35 Barracuda), and 10 Aerospace Superiority Fighters (F-82 Phantasm) in our fighter wing.
We have a Detachment of Powered Infantry. Our Detachment is essentially two platoons,
One mostly Pathfinder scouts with NO Dragoons the other mostly Phoenix Riflemen with NO Dragoons.
To compensate for the lack of Dragoons we have three Valkyrie Varimechs and one Excalibur varimech.
We have an Omega Spec Ops Detachment: In three sections of three approximately personnel heavy teams.
Have a Data Warfare Team
We have a FACTS Team
We have a Foreign Assistance Team
We have a HEAT (Hostage Extraction and Anti terrorist Tactics) Team
We have a Pararescue Team
We have a Recon Team
We have a Ship Seizure Team
(Both the Omega and the HEAT Teams /will/ be cross trained in ship seizure)
We'd have Cavalry support vehicles.
A. Vehicles like Modular Pattons w/either FV/WM 200 Hvy Phaser or FV/WM 202 EMPW
B. FV/WM-205 Microtorpedo Launcher
C. FV/WM-207B High-Volume MAPLIML
D. Hammer Cavalry Recon Vehicle

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