Federation Merchant Marines
Federation Merchant Marines

I'm sure you're wondering what exactly FMM stands for. FMM stands for Federation Merchant Marines. So you ask, what IS the FMM? The FMM is the cargo type group of the Federation. FMM goes around the planets and picks up supplies needed by other planets or people. It is also an inter-galactical trading for the Federation. You get to explore the universe when you join the FMM. It is great for those people who want to be non-militaristic or non-Starfleet but dont want to work in the Government. The FMM is NOT Starfleet operated. It works right from the Presidents orders. FMM may also be ordered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer (see primer fed leaders for those people).

I know you are saying WOW! I wanna join! Well in order to do that, you must contact the the Fleet Commander. To see who is the current Fleet Commander type primer fmm coc. You may page him/her if he/she is on line but if not @mail them.

Chain of Command



The ranking system in the Federation Merchant Marines is similar to Starfleets. The following are the ranks laid out from highest to lowest rank. For those of you familiar with Starfleets rank, the ranks equivalent are to the right.

FMM Starfleet
Fleet Commander Fleet Admiral
Merchant Commodore Admiral
Merchant Captain Rear Admiral
Merchant Commander* Captain
Subcommander Commander
Senior Lieutenant Lt. Commander
First Lieutenant Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant Lt. Junior Grade
Midshipman Ensign

* This rank is the ships Captain rank.


The FMM uniforms consist of a Navy Blue jumpsuit with a white turtleneck underneath. On the top left of the uniform, is a zippered pocket, followed by 2 pockets on both sides of the pants. They also wear a belt around their waist to hold a tricorder and a phaser pistol for away missions. At the bottom are a pair of black, hard leather boots. Around the right arm is a strip of color indicating rank and department. Rank is found by black and white stripes. The following is a diagram and the department colors.

Department Color
Command Purple
Engineering Gold
Helm Grey
Operations Light Blue
Medical Cyan
Security Red


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